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This is Kathi McKnight and Iíd like to welcome you to a preview of my mini e-course;

2 Weeks to Start Learning Graphology.


  Making this Course Valuable to You:

  People who take my Online Home Study Course get the all the information needed to understand handwriting analysis like a master.    This is a fascinating journey and course because it is also the study of human nature.  My course is unique in that it is taught with humor, insight and anecdotes to drive home the lessons learned. You also will learn extremely rare traits found in handwriting not found in other courses anywhere!


This content rich course is laid out in an easy-to-understand way.  In addition to the in-depth universal principles of graphology, you will also be privy to learn extremely unique and rare traits that derive from European descent. 


The start of any great journey begins with a single step. 


You are going to be off to a running start as soon as you begin.   


 In this 2 week mini e-course I am excited to be sharing a piece of this valuable work with you to get you started.


Ready to begin?


Secret #1.   You Are Already a Natural Graphologist.


Itís true. Iíd like to prove it to you. So come with me and letís begin the journey. 


Have you ever seen someoneís handwriting that looked like calligraphy or resembled a work of art? 




Perhaps it was written so beautifully and artistically it left you in awe of the writer? In your mind it conjured up images of him or her as having it all together, someone gifted, possibly above average education, creative and you almost felt a sense of respect for that writer?  The writing might even be in another language but you can still tell things that had nothing to do with what the writer said in his or her words!



On the other hand, have you ever noticed handwriting that looked like scrawled chicken scratch and you found yourself uncomfortable looking at it?



You might feel annoyed or apprehensive.  Maybe it left you feeling mildly disturbed, even nervousÖ.. You may have wondered if the writing was that of a doctor!


Maybe even a psycho killer!   


Notice the signature of this writing?  What can you see?  If you look closely at the writer he is crossing himself out, by means of all the extra strokes crossing through his name (which is never ever recommended) and if you look really close, you will see this is the sign of the Swastika.


Purchase this 2 week mini course and discover who the authors are of these two dramatically different handwritings!



To find the answer and learn more about

Handwriting Analysis. . .


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