Kathi has written many books to assist people to understand and use handwriting in everyday life. These are not just cover to cover reading books, they are books on steroids. Simple put you can not pick up one of these books and not learn something about your self and others. Are you ready to Learn? Check out…


 Handwriting Reveals Signs of Suicide


Discover the 13 Signs of Suicide in this short report that will disclose the full grocery list of traits that reveal depression. When 5 or more of these traits are present in one’s(Read More…)





Rate Your Date Before You Mate

This is a fabulous tool if you are single, divorced or someone you know is single. Get your insights into human nature most people don’t have!




“Handwriting Analysis” 

“The Good, the “Un-good”
and the Unexpected”

 Discover the  44 Handwriting Analysis Traits that are The Good – The Un-good – and The Unexpected…



Whitney Houston’s Handwriting

Kathi McKnight will provide an exclusive look at what was going on deep inside the beloved pop diva’s journey during the final hours of her life, via the insights revealed by her own handwriting. See what Whitney Houston’s handwriting unveils about the demons that caused the curtain to go down for the final time.