This is Kathi McKnight and I’d like to welcome you to a preview of my many e-courses;

    “11 Secret Sex Traits found in Handwriting” + One-On-One Analysis with Kathi McKnight” Coming Soon!




 A Signature Analysis Course –

This e-course provides you with some very real fascinating insights and  14 very specific keys  to help you read anyone’s signature, anywhere, anytime, immediately on the spot.




Beginners Home Study

Dedication – “Milosophy Statement” – About the Author – Products & Services, Classes – Your Tool Box – What Should Your Clients Write? Are just a few of the Chapters within this beginners course. There are Twenty easy to follow Chapters which will give you a solid foundation to understanding and becoming a world class Graphologist.


Home Study Course

You Don’t Have To Be Able To Read Minds To Know What Someone Is Thinking What you write comes from the conscious mind; How you write comes from the subconscious mind Handwriting reveals about 5,000 things about a person.


9 Secret Sex Traits in Handwriting

Imagine learning “new” and “never published” information about everyone’s favorite little secret: sex and sexuality! Most of the material in this class has NEVER BEFORE been published in any book, tape, CD or seminar. You will discover strokes, hooks and loops that reveal sexual “dirt” that no one can ever imagine could be identified through handwriting. Imagine the insight and shocking reactions you will have when you spot the “secret sexual traits” you’ll learn inside this new audio and PDF online program. Get the inside scoop on anyone’s sexual prowess!