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You Don’t Have To Be Able To Read Minds To Know What Someone Is Thinking

What you write comes from the conscious mind;
How you write comes from the subconscious mind

Handwriting reveals about 5,000 things about a person.


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Kathi McKnight, “The Handwriting Expert” offers more than 50 years of total RMGA combined experiences to teach a Handwriting Analysis Course using techniques and revealing rare knowledge that has been taught for over half a century.
This course is being offered through the Rocky Mountain Graphology Association (RMGA).

Rocky Mountain Graphology Association
On-Line Home Study
Handwriting Analysis Course

An In-Home Course That Will Help You:
Learn how to analyze your own and others’ handwriting, like a Professional!

Tell if your lover is possibly being dishonest

Know which Politicians are telling what they are really thinking and which ones are not revealing all

Hire the right Employee for the right job


Are you ready to master the world’s most valuable techniques to know the
“real person behind the pen” and put yourself on the map as a Graphologist?

This unique course offers EXTREMELY RARE insights that aren’t
readily available in other handwriting analysis courses.

Whether you’ve never picked up a book on graphology or are a more seasoned student, certified by other courses, you will be privy to the inside secrets this course offers that will greatly enhance
your abilities and give you new cutting edge insights to analyze anyone’s handwriting, anywhere, anytime.

This course will answer many questions you’ve had about how handwriting analysis can tell deeply revealing things about another person with amazing accuracy, such as:

How to instantly find out who is deeply passionate and whose emotions are not lasting. (Beginner Course)

Uncover who is an atheist or an agnostic and who will follow their religion without question – revealed in the letter H!
(Intermediate Level III Course)

What childhood secret is revealed when someone dots their i’s with little circles? Learn the significance between it being dotted on the right side or the left side.
(Intermediate Level II Course)

How does the letter “o” reveal if someone talks to themselves (And do they answer back) (Intermediate Level II Course)

How to recognize schizophrenia or a devil worshiper in this unusual letter K. (Intermediate Level III Course)

Which lower loop reveals a broken hearted writer?
(Intermediate Level II Course)

Which letter reveals the writer has indigestion? (Intermediate Level II Course)

What stroke shows the writer makes the same mistakes in life, over and over again? (Intermediate Level II Course)

What a “dog leg” response is and how it relates to stealing.
(Intermediate Level I Course)

What ending stroke reveals the writer has an interest in parapsychology?
(Intermediate Level I Course)

Discover over 17 astonishing traits the letter R reveals!
(Intermediate Level II Course)

Which letter reveals who loves sex but will rarely if ever initiate it?
(Bonus Program and Intermediate Level III Course)

The 3 Universal Principles Graphologists all over the world use and know.
(Beginner Course)

Over 12 different ways to write the Personal Pronoun I and their meanings with surprising parental influences revealed
(Intermediate Level III)

Who is more future oriented? Who clings to the past? Margins will reveal
these traits found in handwriting (Beginner Course)

Which beginning strokes reveal a person wants more responsibility or probably won’t take responsibility. (Will bluff about it) (Intermediate Level I Course)

How to spot the stroke that reveals the writer who is a collector of large and expensive things. (Intermediate Level I Course)

Learn the fast ways to spot a person’s intelligence. (Beginner Course)

Let me show you how to use this knowledge to connect more deeply, authentically and intimately in all of your relationships. (throughout the entire course)

As well as hundreds and hundreds of other fascinating insights!

Become an “Instant Celebrity” at social and work functions once it’s discovered that you are a graphologist. You will dazzle them with your keen insights.

Get On The Train Now For This Very Unique Course

Get your training from the Rocky Mountain Graphology Association. The teachings in this course are legendary and were taught for many decades in the Rocky Mountain Region. There are rare insights revealed in this course. The teachings have been highly sought out by other certified graphologists and beginners alike, from all over the world.
The teachings have been passed down directly from one Master Graphologist to this Master Graphologist. There is an underlying consciousness and grassroots philosophy that is built into the teachings of the RMGA.
“Everyone has good and ‘ungood’ qualities in their handwriting.”
Gwen Sampson original Founder, RMGA

“If there were 10 different handwriting classes being taught, hands down without a doubt, my time would be spent learning from Kathi! She has such an exceptional way of presenting the material in an interesting, easy to comprehend, humorous manner. She has a terrific communication style that I’m soaking up!”
Judy Johnson – Certified Graphologist, Denver, CO

When you learn Grapho-Therapy you will learn how to change your writing to change your life (not who you are or your personality, but unwanted worn out, self-sabotaging patterns of behavior) and help others do the same.

Advantages of an in-home study course:

Self-paced course

No travel expenses

No rush hour traffic to get to class

You don’t even have to get out of your robe

“All I can say about the RMGA Home Study Course is simply that I love it! As soon as the lesson arrives in my email, I print it and anxiously await my lunchtime where I can devour the new material. It’s the highlight of my week!”
Katie Hawthorne, Pittsburgh PA
Office Manager for Recruiting Firm

“Your Home Study Course is incredible! I am an Electrical Engineer and an IT manager. I was completely amazed with how handwriting could so accurately identify so many personality traits. This interesting profession took hold of me. As a new Handwriting Analyst, yes me, I feel totally confident and qualified to do mini analyses before even completing the course.”
Sam Reusser – IT Manager – Parker, CO

“This course is excellent with detail and explanation and I have already learned a lot. I have studied graphology off and on over the years and have found this course to be very thorough and informative and one of the best I have studied. Kathi McKnight is an excellent teacher and gives a lot of herself. I know I will be very knowledgeable and feel comfortable analyzing any handwriting. I feel much more confident in analyzing writings even though I have only studied the beginners section so far. I want to see more. It’s like discovering something you enjoy and just can’t get enough. I look at everyone’s writing differently now. Recently I saw a note from someone and it gave me a very important heads up that helped me make a decision to take another direction – I wouldn’t have known that if I hadn’t studied graphology.”

Sue Skipper,
Administrative Assistant to the Dean of Instruction Monterey, CA
Volunteer Policewoman for the Monterey, CA Police Department


Included with the courses:

Workbook – 29+ Comprehensive Chapters Throughout
Review the Chapters – Click Here

Life Time Reference Manual:

This manual is worth gold. This book is at my right hand, always.

Think of it as your very own Webster’s Dictionary for Graphologists, complete with pictures and graphics for every trait.
Everything taught in this course is at your fingertips immediately.

Impeccably organized, it was built for you to use as a reference manual, to look up anything about handwriting, johnny-on-the-spot. When you have a new client and can’t remember something or are curious about something you see in the handwriting, you use this manual and it takes you exactly where you need to go.

This is the only reference book of its kind.

A WORKBOOK is included with each course, ultimately adding up to hundreds of pages that are easy to understand step-by-step determinations and are in living color with explicit examples, stories, exercises, countless graphics plus quizzes.

Included are dozens of copies of authentic handwriting samples from real people and celebrities. And much more!

This course will give you enough information to probably last you a lifetime. However the true student of graphology knows it is an ongoing journey and learns from all sources possible.

Invest in the course of a Lifetime


This in-home program consists of an audio recording of the good, the bad, the ugly and the sizzle of sex as it is revealed in handwriting! Emailed accompanying handouts, quiz and a bonus report/booklet are included. This entire program is gifted to you as a BONUS when you order the special priced package, below.

“I think Kathi’s seminar on the letter ‘p’ was insightful, practical and downright revealing. It is rare I learn something new in the field of handwriting analysis. Kathi hit a home run!”

Bart Baggett, President, Handwriting University

To learn this study, you do need to order the courses

Other on-line home study courses that cover this much in-depth and comprehensive information typically retails for around $1,800.

But they do not include the rare information that can only be found in the RMGA Home Study Course


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Total: $494

Intermediate Level II currently not available
Intermediate Level III currently not available
Advanced Level currently not available


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This is an extremely content-rich program that is consistently being called a “real page turner.” I know you will have so much fun learning handwriting analysis in this course and can confidently say you will be armed with excellent information that you can begin using immediately.


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