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"To find your soul mate rate him or her by their handwriting analysis. Use Kathi's strategies to find and keep the love of your life."


Mark Victor Hansen
Co-creator of Chicken Soup for the Soul


This is your very own secret weapon to finding the hidden truths about others, during the mating process.

  • Is he romantic?

  • Is she an outdoor person?

  • Are they hiding something?

  • Are they easy going?

  • Are they stubborn?

  • Will we be compatible for the long haul?

This is a fabulous tool if you are single, divorced or someone you know is single.  Get your insights into human nature most people don't have!  



Holy Hanna, this  tips booklet is  "THE BEST EVER".

Thank you so very much This is so exactly what I was interested in. It is the BEST. I love how it is short and to the point. A quick reference guide, easy to learn, your language is direct and to the point. T hank you so much for your booklet. I LOVE IT X 1000.   Charmaine Humphrey  

Signature Analysiss
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Rate Your Date or Mate Analysis

Astonishing Insights into that special someone's handwriting.
Could he or she be "the one?"   Find out more here!

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