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What’s In a Name?


A signature analysis course

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"What’s in a name? That which we call a Rose by any other name

would smell as sweet..."  Shakespeare


 We’ve all seen them…


The autographs of our favorite celebrity, politician, athlete or rock star.   We may have even stood in line to get one, just like standing in line for concert tickets.


These autographs may even be valuable and bring monetary value!


But what if there was more to it?


What if it told who the person REALLY is?


What if YOU could read between the lines and see much more than a signed autograph?


What if, by having that signature, you could see who is the real person behind the PEN?


Today I am going to unveil it to you.


Today you are going to learn some very real fascinating insights and  14 very specific keys  to help you read anyone’s signature, anywhere, anytime, immediately on the spot.


What you will learn:


        How to analyze TYPED signatures  (includes email)

        7 differences between female and male signatures

        Grapho-therapy technique to empower your own signature

        Inside secrets: how to look at signatures through a graphologist  eyes

        How and why handwriting analysis is accurate and valid



        Revealing Signatures of Presidential Candidates analyzed

        Rare look at Britney Spears marriage certificate and annulment

        Unique names and signatures you won’t to miss

My name is Kathi McKnight and I am an expert handwriting analyst. I have been featured in cover stories in magazines, interviewed all over the country on radio and TV (including FOX TV); have had my opinion sought out for a high profile murder trial and had full page articles written up on me regarding the signatures of the Presidential candidates.


To view these:  click here to view the FOX TV interview 

click here to read the full page article in the  Rocky Mountain News for more.)    


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