“Kathi delivered new and practical tools that empowered an audience of 300 parole and probation officers to expand their ability to help their clients in ways they had never thought of. It was a fascinating presentation which unveiled the subtle psychological traits to watch out for- both good and ‘un-good’.”

Kim Knoll, AAPPA Conference

Kathi McKnight is an inspirational, vivacious and engaging speaker, certified master graphologist, author, teacher, consultant and holistic health care practitioner.

Raised in the knowledge and surrounded by generations of doctors and healers, Kathi’s expertise with the Body Mind and Spirit connection comes naturally.

These interests naturally gravitated to her interest and master certification in Handwriting Analysis, aka Graphology since 1991, which she has used to make a difference in the professional and personal lives of thousands.

Kathi delights in edu-taining (educating and entertaining) audiences of all kinds about the ancient science of handwriting analysis and how it is used in today’s modern world. Her keenly attuned expertise makes her the perfect speaker to keep audiences on the edge of their seats eager to hear more as she reveals the insights and secrets of how it is used as an empowering tool to enhance and understand all relationships: both personal and professional.

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