Ellen Degeneres- Happy Halloween!

Everybody loves ELLEN!

The famous syndicated TV talk show host, comedienne and more.

I’ve had this picture for a few years (don’t ask me why) of Ellen’s face seemingly carved or illuminated into a Halloween pumpkin.  And for the last solid couple of weeks its been ‘haunting’ me.  So I decided to do a piece on it here on my Blog.

(Yes! that means I will analyze her handwriting for you.  Ba ah ah ah)

First things first:



Let’s look at her signature.




Notice the first letters of each name are quite a bit larger than the rest of her writing.
She has a healthy ego!  Strong sense of self.  Necessary ingredients to be super successful in Hollywood.

In the bolder darker black signature on the top right, you can see how the lower loop of the g closes and crosses below the baseline, a strong sign of clannishness.  She likes to hang out with her Peeps and they all have something in common with each other.

Which name can you read?  Ellen or Degeneres?
That’s right!  You can read Ellen.   She is willing to be exposed and seen for all things that Ellen is about, in fact she likes to be branded that way.

But when it comes to her family, and all things that Degeneres represents to her, well that’s really none of our business.  It is illegible, thus private.

What do you think?  Can you discern if she wrote slowly and carefully or does she sign her name quickly?  Yes, you don’t even have to be present to see her write to tell that it was written with speed. Normally I would say she thinks fast too because of the speed but when we look at the note to the left, the handwriting is a very different style showing someone who is a methodical thinker and thinks things through with great deliberation.

The Greek E (that looks like a backward looking 3) shows her obvious appreciation for art, culture and refinement.  I mean…… see below.




And lastly, an excerpt from the humor she finds with the kiddos…




Ta -Da.

Happy Halloween 2016!


I think I’ll squeeze in a special halloween blog next that features only my favorite Halloween graphics I’ve saved over the years.

Stay tuned,

You “Write” Coach
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Handwriting Analysis: QUIZ TIME!!


From time to time I post “Quiz Time” on my Facebook page.
A fun game to learn a little handwriting analysis, even if you have
zero experience or prior knowledge.

I decided to post it here and give the answers below at the bottom
once the quota of guesses was reached on FB.

Here is the quiz:
Although printing does not reveal as much as cursive, there are still insider secrets to see.
Which trait show up in person’s handwriting in this short sample?


A. Doesn’t like clutter
B. Needs elbow room
C. Writing talent
D. all of the above
COME JOIN THE FUN. ALL GUESSES WELCOME! Need at least 15-20 guesses then I’ll reveal the answer!

Here is the answer:

If you answered D (all of the above) you would be correct!
A. Doesn’t like clutter: 2 of 3 of the i dots are placed precisely above and very close to the i stem. This reveals the writer who does not like clutter (among many other interesting traits associated with this particular i dot placement)

B. Needs elbow room: Look at the amount of space between the words. This writer does not like to feel hemmed in. Give him/her some elbow room please.
C. Writing talent: The d’s are dropped down into the writing almost as if they are a musical note. This writer either has a special talent for writing or they write charts most all day in their job.
D. Yes, all of the above.
Want more fun?  Please sign up for my M.A.G.I.C. newsletter at
Your “Write” Coach

Michael Phelps Signature Analyzed: Part 2 of 3 Part Lesson

Welcome Back to Part 2:  Insights and Lessons into Michael Phelps Signature

Michael Phelps


Before I dive into the seriousness of his handwriting I promised to show you the rare photograph, supposedly one of the earliest known pictures taken of Michael Phelps!
Are you ready?

Scroll down.







First known pix of Michael Phelps

  Listen, in my courses, we have a lot of fun learning some very serious information.

And if you need to check your sense of humor, check your handwriting.

You’ll find those with a long curvy stroke that starts or leads-in to some of the first letters of a word, have a wicked and delightful sense of humor!

How to spot a sense of humor in handwriting:  Look at the long lead in stroke to the letter M in the name Mary.

HW Sample_Short paragraph Contrast

OK.  Back to your lesson and looking at just a few highlights of Phelps’ signature.  


To review, you can see the extreme heights of the upper zone (as he reaches to new heights in his career!!) And you’ll remember that “this extreme height reveals that high achievement is one of the most important things in this writer’s life.

And in Part I you learned a little bit about threaded writing (as you can see all the other letters that are in what we call, the middle zone, are illegible, hurried and strung out like a loose piece of thread)

What I love and find very telling is his i dot!   In both of the signatures from the last post and this one, you cannot discern the actual letter i, but you can see that i dot vividly.  And just by eye-balling it you can see that it is place directly and precisely above where the i should/would be!

A precisely placed i dot that is directly above and close to the i stem, reveals a writer who is fastidious with his memory and details.  His i dots are precisely above the letter i, but not close to the letter i.  If it were both close and directly above, it would look like this:

Precise Sample Word In Precise Sample Word Is Precise Sample Word Tidy

What is so fascinating to me about Phelps’s handwriting is the evidence of  ADD.  The rushed threaded writing, the illegible i, yet i dot that is directly above the i, not flung off to the right or left, yet there are multiple checks and balances he has put in place in his life that made him a champion!

The small letter i is illegible but the i dot is vivid and unmistakable.  Showing the contrast between A.D.D. and putting strategies in place.

Quite a tribute to Phelps’ character, special gifts and challenges.

As my favorite minister, Dr. Roger Teel once said, “If you can’t fix it, feature it!”

In part 3 of this series of lessons and a few key pointers in Michael Phelps’ signature, I’ve saved the best for last.  I will show you the stroke that reveals the writer who possesses and undefeatable spirit! 

One of Michael Phelps’ quotes says, “I think anything is possible as long as you put your mind to it. I think your mind really controls everything.”

Handwriting is brain-writing. It has very little to do with the hand. When you change your writing strategically and consistently you can affect new neuro-pathways in the brain.  When you change your handwriting you can change your life.  And when you change your life, your handwriting can change.

Check back in 2 days on August 23 for the final post in this series.

Until then, friends,

Your “Write” Coach

Michael Phelps Signature Analyzed: Part 1 of 3 Part Lesson

Michael Phelps:  

The Most Decorated Olympian of All Time….


What does Michael Phelps’ handwriting reveal about his success story?


In 2012  I wrote a long article about Phelps and his handwriting.  Back then I didn’t know that he has/had A.D.D. and the things he had to overcome in his childhood!

What I saw in his handwriting way back then, revealed it.  Now I know why I saw what I saw.

I’m loving it and now will share it with you!

However I am gravely disappointed that I missed seeing him in the Olympics this year. (The YouTube videos are already scarfed up by the Olympics so if you think you have a clip where I can see him swim and win, feel free to post it in the peanut gallery, I mean the comment section below)

I don’t have the luxury of time to read all the media about him so let’s DIVE into his handwriting straight-away.  (Splash)


Picture of Michael


Michael Phelps


1.  The obvious first:  LARGE first capital letters to each name = STRONG SENSE OF SELF and strong, big or healthy ego.  Typically required to be successful in the world at large, especially in a competitive field.

2.  Threaded Writing:  Notice how the small letters are written in a rush; they are illegible and strung out like a piece of thread.  Whenever this happens it means the writer’s mind works SO fast that he is sacrificing form in his handwriting.  But not in his form with swimming!

FAST MINDS is an acronym for common symptoms that are often seen in Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). Millions of adults have ADHD or some of its traits, but they are under-recognized, under-treated, and often under-supported.”
From the book:Fast Minds: How to Thrive If You Have ADHD (Or Think You Might)
Written by Craig Surman M.D and Ted Bilkey M.D.

It was only this past week that I learned Phelps has A.D.D. and had quite a time overcoming the challenges it presented in childhood! I read a very touching story about his being diagnosed with A.D.D. at age 9 and how he hated even getting his face wet!  Due to the ingenuity of his mother, she would flip him over teach him the backstroke, instead. (ADDitudemag.com

In classrooms in his school, teachers would say “Michael can’t do this” and his mother would chime in with “Well, what are you doing to help him?”  She taught middle school for more than 2 decades and began working closely with Michael’s school to get him the extra attention he needed.  I think his mother’s handwriting deserves a post in this blog!

Back to handwriting and to plagiarize myself from 2012…

“…the writer’s mind works so fast that he sacrifices form.  The danger is this translates literally into life.  This particular trait indicates that Phelps can easily see the end result of a situation.  He is innately impatient and instinctually driven to race to the finish line because he can figure out how to get there so well, so easily!  The problem with “threaded writing” is that one inevitably glosses over those finite details (due to impatience) and when those details are ignored, they will always come back to bite one in the behind!

Which leads us to…

3.  The capital M in his signature is obtusely round.  It is not angular.  Rounded M’s and N’s reveal the writer who thinks methodically, and reviews and reviews all aspects and possibilities multiple times before making a final decision.”

In the book quoted up above, the person with A.D.D. “must build personalized  strategies for managing their time, tasks, and relationships. And needs to learn organizational habits that work for him personally.”

That is what he has done and that is what his handwriting reveals!

He has no idea he is writing this way– WHAT we write comes from the conscious mind. HOW we write comes from the subconscious mind.

You, as a lay person, can tell he wrote his name off the cuff and with a lot of speed, can’t you!

His mind works so quickly YET he has checks and balances in place to off-set the rocket speed of his thinking.

Everyone has checks and balances in their handwriting… I see it in every handwriting sample.  Every single one.  I love that about the complexity of Human Spirit and how it gets revealed in handwriting.

To drive the point home…

As stated, you can see the speed of his signature.  And you can tell he didn’t take a lot of painstaking time to dash off his name.  Phelps can be impatient and that is death to a winner.  ONE mistake can cost him the GOLD. So one of the checks and balances that show in his signature is the very rounded capital letter M.  People who write with rounded m’s and n’s process things SLOWLY and deliberately!  *They love routine*.

This is one of the strategies he had to learn in order to manage his A.D.D.

The article in ADDitudemag.com went on to state, ” Debbie (his mother) used various strategies to keep Michael in line. Over time, as his love of swimming grew, she was delighted to see that he was developing self-discipline.

*“For the past 10 years, at least, he’s never missed a practice,” she says. “Even on Christmas, the pool is the first place we go, and he’s happy to be there.

Debbie also made sure to listen to her son. In the sixth grade, he told her he wanted to stop taking his stimulant medication. Despite serious misgivings, she agreed to let him stop — and he did fine. Michael’s busy schedule of practices and meets imposed so much structure on his life that he was able to stay focused without medication.”

These writers (with rounded M’s and N’s) will weigh their options very thoroughly and very carefully.  It might have taken him awhile to come to the final conclusion of how to win this Meet in such a way that he walks away with the Gold! However once he makes up  his mind, he stands firm by his decision and this time, he knows beyond all logic and reason he is RIGHT!

How do I know this?  Look at the extreme height of the upper zone. It mores than 3x the height of the middle zone.

This extreme height reveals dogmatic, even arrogant points of view on what he knows and believes to be right.

The extreme height of these letters reveals the textbook definition that  high achievement is one of the most important things in this writer’s life.  He will take it over emotional satisfaction. Think of the sacrifice involved to be an Olympian Champion.

In my next post 2 days from now,  I will reveal Part II to this signature analysis.

And…I will share the first known picture of Michael Phelps!!

Until then we can all heed the advice of the most Decorated Olympian Champion of all Time….




Your “Write” Coach





Analysis of Angry Note Left on Veteran’s Windshield for Using Vet Parking Spot

By now you may have seen the article about the scolding note left on the North Carolina Vet’s windshield for using a parking space reserved for Veteran’s.

Rebecca Landis Hayes posted the note left on her windshield to social media along with her feelings about it.

Here is a copy of that note

Note left on Veteran's windshield

It’s an interesting story and you can read it any a number of media outlets and it’s worth the quick read. Click here to read the story then come right back because we are going to analyze the handwriting of the note and see what stands out!

First: the writer is a printer.  There is no cursive writing.  Printers like to keep an aspect of themselves private or hidden.  In this case, it is an anonymously written note.  She (or he) kept her (or his) identity, well, unidentified.

Notice the use of pressure on the letter “t” in “respect.”   It is written with a lot of pressure!

Heavy pressure indicates great intensity of feeling.  And the letter t has to do with self esteem and even mental health.  By the time the writer had finished writing the word respect, this person was feeling pretty darn strong about showing respect!

The vertical slant reveals this writer thinks logically.  When someone writes with a vertical slant they are logical and fair.

So to person who penned this anonymous letter, (s)he saw a woman get out of the car and according to misguided logic,  didn’t see a shred of evidence that the woman getting out of the car was a veteran.  Apparently the writer thought a veteran would have been a man, or at least would be wearing their uniform!   We don’t know what this guy or gal was thinking except that in their mind, they were coming to a logical conclusion.

What is also interesting about the handwriting is that the a’s and o’s (also known as “talk letters”) are very clean.  There are no extra marks, slashes, no other marks contaminate the integrity of the talk letters.  This usually reveals honesty.   In fact when I see this in a client’s handwriting and remark that they are quite honest, every time I get the same response…..”To a fault!” they say agreeing with me.

So what happened after this 8 year veteran took her story public,  spoke up for herself, called out and responded to the anonymous writer?

Well first off the news media picked up on it!
And secondly, in the article you will see that she educated the anonymous note writer that Veterans come in all genders, shapes and sizes and don’t always walk around wearing their uniforms 24/7.

What happened next is the “leaver-of-the-note” saw the article and due to her honesty, felt (s)he had to fess up.  Their conscience wouldn’t allow them to stay silent and the person wrote an honest note of apology.

Basically it was apologizing and logically explaining why the note was left in the first place.

What I found of interest in the apology letter from a handwriting analysis point of view is that now the slant was no longer strictly vertical. Now, many of the words slant to the left.

For example, “felt horrible” just to name a few.
Note of apology to Vet

Any writer whose writing *slants to the left* is basically shy and the text book example in my RMGA online home study course clearly states that many “Poison Pen Letters” have been written by the writer with a left slant.

On a side note, people who have been through a recent set back or trauma can find the slant of their writing changes to a left or this backward looking slant.

When this printer saw their note and story had gone viral, they realized they had made a very VERY public faux pas for thousands to see. That may have felt like a big surprise and shock!

The left-slanted writer tends to retire into their shell and retreat as their place of comfort.

Yet, isn’t it interesting that their inner sense of honesty and integrity still made them speak up.  (Remember those “clean” a’s and o’s?)   The writer simply chose to do it from the privacy of their anonymous shell.

Rebecca Landis Hayes accepted the apology with grace and the story had a  nice ending.

So who says nobody writes handwritten notes anymore?


Handwritten notes  hold such impact these days.  Consider sending a nice one to someone, today.

Your “Write” Coach

*For those of you new to handwriting analysis, a left slant is called an F slant in graphology terms.  But to the lay person it merely looks like a left handed person wrote it because it slants to the left.And it’s important to know the slant has absolutely nothing to do with the writer being left handed or right handed. That fact surprises most

“I wanted to let everyone know I received a much appreciated, sincere apology.”Rebecca Landis Hayes 

Michelle Jordan Kennerly

Michelle Jordan Kennerly Truly respect the lady for admitting her mistake and taking ownership. Bless her ❤️. What a great story of true humanity. Thanks for sharing.


Edward Frazier

Edward Frazier It sounded like Jim Frazier felt pretty bad about it.

Miranda Dimond Crawford Awesome and kind of crazy that she ended up seeing the post !

Barbara W VanSchaick Not everyone would have admitted and may have stayed anonymous . She did do the right thing. Subject CLOSED.👍

Trump, Clinton, Sanders: My CNN Interview

You may be interested in seeing the article published by CNN after they contacted me to analyze Trump, Hillary and Bernie’s handwriting.


You can read the FULL CNN Article here:  http://www.cnn.com/2016/06/11/politics/presidential-handwriting/
(Then come right back as there is extra information, below)




Prior to this interview I had written a post here about Trump’s handwriting.

Here it is:

For years, graphologists have kept Donald Trump’s signature on our radar screen and in our files because we loved to comment on it.  Heck, this  was even before he was called “The Donald”.



And certainly decades longer before the idea of his running for Presidency was just a gleam in someone’s eyes!

The long standing old signature:



To the best of my knowledge the one below is a more recent signature than in all past years.   And yes yes yes…. I see changes.



What hasn’t changed:  His writing is and always will be very angular.

Extreme angles in writing (especially in m’s and n’s) reveal an extremely rocket sharp, quick analytical mind.  One who is quick to size up a situation.  We’re talking lightening speed quick.  Exploratory thinker, dissect an issue into oblivion, quick decision maker…..but the more angles, the more harsh in judgment.  The more black and white thinking…  I’m right, you’re wrong judgmental thinking.

No one would ever accuse Mr. Trump of having soft, round or curvy handwriting.

To clarify, think Princess Diana for rounded handwriting.


Autographed writing and signature Princess Diana

The person with rounded handwriting takes a softer approach to problem solving, often harboring a philosophy of  Hugs not Drugs.   (Not to mention Princess Diana was a kindergarten teacher’s assistant and taught dance to the young.)

Back to Donald Trump:

What I immediately noticed about the newer signature were new secrecy strokes in the “o” and “d”.

He is not writing as carefully or perfectly as before. (You could place a ruler under the first signature) And the slant has changed.  Leaning right toward more impulsiveness.

Last but not least the p creates a larger phallic symbol than before.   I love how Michelle Dresbold coined it, “Me…big hunk of man.”

During this process, we make fun of  all politicians equally.  It helps us stay sane.

I was interviewed by print and live media in the last several elections.  In my online signature analysis course we had some fun with the candidates for the 2008 candidates.



Handwriting analysis is an ancient science that has been around since the days of Aristotle.  The more you learn the more you want to learn, the more questions you have.  Understanding graphology takes you on a learning journey of a lifetime.

Your “Write” Coach

To learn handwriting analysis at home, click here to find out more: http://kathimcknight.com/homestudy.html



Peyton Manning: Handwriting Analyzed



 Even though my home is 20 miles south of Denver, I was in Denver the morning of the huge rally and tribute to the Super Bowl Champions, our beloved Denver Broncos!!

To give you an idea of the turn out, here is one aerial shot that was taken.

Scroll down.  Can you see me? I’m the one in orange and blue.










Swarm of fans at rally

aerial view of fans at rally

Just kidding.  I avoided the parade and watched it on TV back home.   It was amazing.  The crowd turn out was estimated between 650,000 and 1 million!  Out of all of that, only one arrest was made.

Let’s dive into Peyton Manning’s autograph.



I like the shape of his P.  It reminds me of a partial football.


(Whoops, not yet John Elway, I’ll write about you in the next post.  For now folks,  just focus on the shape of the football…..Now let’s return to Peyton’s signature)




A few of my  RMGA graduates gathered round the handwriting sample round table tonight and I let them do the analyzing.  They did an awesome job (of course).

Here’s what they discovered: The “M” in Manning is not nearly as large at the “P” in Peyton.  Peyton’s emphasis is on himself personally, more than his family.

The “M” is very rounded.  This represents a cumulative thinker. He doesn’t want surprises, he wants it laid out, in other words.  But then notice how the writing becomes illegible and looks like a piece of thread that has come loose?  In graphology, we literally call this “threaded writing.”  And it means, full speed ahead! Fast thinking, seeing the end result before one even starts! He combines methodical thinking with fast follow through.

The lower loops are slender (y and g).  He’s extremely selective in who he calls a close friend.

And he cannot escape a trait that I’ve seen in many a super celebrity’s handwriting.  The vanity stroke.  The “T” is “Mile High” tall.  This means he doesn’t just think he’s right, he KNOWS he is right.  My hunch is, it has to do with he knows he’s right that the “big man upstairs” had much to do with his success.  And you will never ever ever ever be able to tell him differently.

It is that kind of defies-all-odds type of knowing one is right that makes the upper zone shoot up more than 3x as high as the middle zone.

The middle zone includes letters such as a, e, i, o and u.  (Just to name a few)

Other indicators in the writing show he puts his whole heart into the game. (Psst its in the slant).

Hope you enjoyed today’s blog.

I’ll leave you with an unexpected twist and turn.  And hopefully ……a audible chuckle.

Want to see Peyton Manning dance?  It’s worth it to take the next 52 seconds and watch this funny video with 3,122,408 others who watched and enjoyed it too!  https://www.facebook.com/realnflnewsandupdates/videos/1758251174396331/?pnref=story

Til next time,

Your “Write” Coach


Bruce Jenner – Handwriting Analysis


You would have to live under a rock to not know about the changes that Bruce Jenner is making in his life.



Young BruceBruce Jenner signing autographs in Paris










So I was fascinated to take a look at his handwriting.  Let’s see if you can pick up on one of the most profound and current themes throughout his many autographs.

One thing that hits me square in the face is how he signs his pictures with an extreme upward slant.    Throughout all the years!




Characature autograph




When someone writes with such an extreme upward slant, these people can be fearless.   These are the people who climb Mount Everest, do or die, literally or figuratively.  They do not know defeat.    You might think it means optimism and it does, but it also means when they are deeply depressed they will courageously forge ahead, fiercely and with enthusiasm and dogged determination.  They bring all the energy they have to their game.

Our signature is the cover to our own book (our own lives).  It is who we are putting out to the world;  how we desire to be seen.

As the saying goes, don’t judge a book by its cover.

You are never getting the full picture when you analyze just the signature but boy-oh- boy, what does show up in a signature, yours, mine or anybody’s, packs a punch!

If you were to put a ruler under his autograph,  you would see that the handwriting fits squarely on it.



Handwriting that looks like it has been written on a ruler is a sign of  an absolute perfectionist!

The first letters to the signature are quite large, showing a BIG sense of self, a big “healthy” ego.   The J in Jenner is SO large however, it creates a sense of over compensation…….trying TOO hard and overpowering the rest of the name.  Notice how it creates a bubble around part of his first name- creating a partial protective covering.

But it slices through the middle of his name.  He has been covering and protecting half of who he is (half of his first name).  But now he is coming out to “her.”

The writing itself is so tiny revealing enormous, gi-normous powers of focus and concentration.  But…… it is indiscernible.  If you didn’t know who it was, you probably could not truly make out the name.  That is another sign of covering up who one really is.

There is a hook that is like a partial arrow point or even a bit of a dagger, on the lower part of the letter J, the downward stick.  That shows irritation and holding on to things.  Despite it all, the uphill slant will conquer and overshadow all.


When we look at this handwriting sample …..



We see the words, “Never ever give up!!”  but this time the words are not conveying what his autographs have always revealed.  These words are written downhill…….. which means the writer was feeling depressed or  could have been very tired.

He writes with a far right slant which means Bruce is going to wear his heart out on his sleeve.  This kind of slant shows he all heart and he is full of emotion.   When he started the Diane Sawyer interview, it was with tears that he simply could not contain.  The writing also shows an over indulgence in one or more of the senses and there is also some resentment present.  Well, he has been the butt of a lot of jokes but perhaps his resentment is because he has resented a life where he could not be who he truly was………until now that is.

Statistics show a staggering rate of 41% of transgenders between the ages of 15 and 25 have attempted  suicide.  He very well could be one of the most significant  trailblazers to help the world understand the souls who have felt so misunderstood all of their lives.

Your “Write” Coach






Holy Hutzpa! It’s National Handwriting Week.

Batman and Robin have got nothing on us!   Pen in ink well We are fast encroaching upon National Handwriting Week– this year it is January  19th   through January 25th and is centered around National Handwriting Day  which is  based on the birthday of John Hancock’s birthday, January 23rd.

John Hancock's Sig on Declaration of Independence

National Handwriting Day was formerly established by the Writing Instrument Manufacturer’s Association back in 1977.  Thank you!  My hat’s off to you.

This morning I stumbled upon a simply delightful blog post by Barb Riley from 3 years ago about this national holiday.  I am pleased to share points from the delightful thread and embellish the ideas a little further from a graphologist’s point of view.

Barb shares that she had a “curious obsession hobby. I used to practice copying other people’s cursive styles until I morphed my own to look just like theirs….You might wonder if I had identity issues—if perhaps, secretly, it was some type of insecure desire to be just like my peers. A valid notion, and one with a very small element of truth, but really, the main reason was to satisfy my appetite for whimsy. Switching up handwriting has always been a fun way to express my mood de jour….I suppose my obsession with writing in different styles back then is what led me to a love of creating fictional characters today: a fun way to try on different pen caps for a while, to live out someone else’s story, and in turn, learn more about myself.

Whatever the case, writing by hand makes a much better connection for me than writing on the computer. It’s therapeutic, cathartic, and just plain fun for me. Like the days I used to sit and color with my toddler-aged kids, writing by hand comforts me. I wouldn’t give it up for the world, and I’m doing everything I can to encourage my kids to understand its benefits, too…..How about you? Do you like to write by hand, or have you abandoned the practice in this age of digitized communication? Do you have any stories about your love (or hate) of handwriting? Did you ever used to practice your signature over and over again like I did?”

And a lively thread ensued from there.    Naturally I feel compelled to add my 2 cents worth from a graphologist’s point of view.

When it comes to changing your writing, I caution people, “Do not try this at home!”  I’m being a little tongue in cheek, but not really.

How my handwriting has changed since kindergarten

There is a science to strategically changing your writing to change your life – it’s called grapho-therapy.  So when you “mind your p’s and q’s” it could be the difference of snarls of struggle or surprising success.

Do not worry that your handwriting is not as beautiful or even as legible as your grandmother’s.

Messy handwriting may simply mean you have a lot of interesting things going on.  Anyway, you are in good company as the world uses the computer more and more.

As Anonymous wrote:

A teacher told me once that my writing looks like it was written with my feet! To which I replied, ‘like a foot note’.  Badum.”

However I insist that human beings still write more than is commonly thought these days. And there are a few of you out there who still take pleasure in the craft and are even still proud of your writing.   In classrooms of all kinds,  I still see many putting pen to paper as they take notes and who bothers to pull out a computer to jot down a grocery list?  There is something romantic about receiving a handwritten note in a Valentine’s card.

I would love to hear your ideas of ways you’ve used or seen handwriting used in recent past.  I’d love to see if there is something I can add to my growing list!


Your “Write” Coach

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Robin Williams Handwriting- Nanu Nanu

A whole human life is just a heartbeat here in Heaven Then we'll all be together foreverWhat Dreams May Come

“A whole human life is just a heartbeat here in Heaven. Then we’ll all be together forever.”  What Dreams May Come


The world was shocked and saddened to hear of the quite unexpected passing of  Robin Williams on August 11th, 2014.

I wanted to find a special handwriting sample of one of the most beloved and well known comedians of all time and thanks to my unfailing and reliable source at Autograph Magazine, Steve Cyrkin delivered.


Admittedly, the “what” that someone writes is typically the last thing I look at, I’m far more absorbed in the “how” they wrote, when analyzing handwriting but I was taken aback by the heartfelt poem that Williams composed.

Take a minute to enjoy the full poem, then I’ll share a few findings about his handwriting when you return.


Starting with the most obvious: his signature.  A signature is merely the tip of the iceberg when it comes to handwriting analysis but what does show  often carries 3-5 x the weight of importance compared to the rest of one’s writing.

The long “caution stroke” which trails out endlessly at the end of his name reveals the depth of trepidation, carefulness and caution for his own future, at least at a subconscious level.  Despite the fact that the  baseline seems to slant upwards (typically revealing optimism).

The tittles or i dots are consistently placed directly above the i stem, revealing Williams consistent loyalty to things of most importance to him.  And also his amazing memory.

Other structures in the handwriting reveal a man of sentiment, heartfelt compassion.  Friends and family meant the world to Williams.  He was honest to a fault perhaps, and prone to impulse but he was certainly feeling upbeat and optimistic as he shared his poem on paper.  (More on this in a future article)

I love that he wrote in cursive, revealing more of himself.    He would tenaciously, stubbornly stubbornly stick with a project or something important to him, and see it through to fruition.

When I looked at his writing I was surprised to see something that told me he was a gentle soul.  (Found particularly in the rounded tops of his s’s)   I discovered that others who knew, loved and respected him felt the same- Meryl Streep, ‘Robin Williams was gentle soul with unstoppable energy’; Michael J. Fox tweeted “Famously kind, ferociously funny, a genius and a gentle soul. What a loss.” 

And that mind that raced ahead of everyone also shows in his signature.  You don’t have to be a graphologist to see how speedily he signs his name.  So quickly that some of the letters are not discernible. When handwriting becomes ‘threaded’ it reveals a writer who can see the end result so fast that they can be impatient with the details and want to get to the punch line!  Even though at the end of the line he showed great caution.  I wonder deep down  if he knew he needed to be careful and not race to the end too- too soon.

Goodbye Robin, we just hated to see you go.

Or as they say goodbye in Orkan,  “Nanu nanu.”

Robin Williams July 21, 1951 – August 11, 2014  R.I.P.


Kathi McKnight

Your “Write” Coach

As seen on Dr. Oz, Kathi is an internationally recognized graphologist, analyzing handwriting since 1991.  For more information visit www.TheHandwritingExpert.com