Signature and Mini-Analysis Testimonials

What People are Saying about Kathi McKnight – Graphologist :

“To find your soul mate, rate him or her by their handwriting analysis. Use Kathi’s strategies to find and keep the love of your life”

Mark Victor Hanson
Co-creator of Chicken Soup for the Soul

Wow Kathi, What a fun and exciting signature analysis. I am convinced to develop my intuitive ability even more now. And all this time I thought a lion would roar when I opened the door and instead there was a mirror! I like the 'Barefoot Response!' you found in my writing. My first and foremost ritual when I get home is to "power down" my attire. So funny that a trait like that can be spotted in handwriting. I can't wait until I can get the full analysis and then the fun begins with grapho therapy. Cheers thanks so much 🙂

Arden in Alaska
Hi Kathi, I sent your analysis of my boss to his assistant and she couldn't believe the information you were able to get. She is not familiar with how accurate and terrific handwriting analysis really is. She said that he had told her that he is a perfectionist and also she couldn't believe what you said about catching flies with honey because he had actually said the exact thing to her. I think she may be a real believer now. Thank you for reinforcing what I have been saying about handwriting analysis, especially finding SO much just from his signature.

S.S., Texas
Hello Kathi and thanks very much for your mini analysis. It is spot on and I love how you phrase the information to make it so interesting!

Gwenda Robb, New Zealand
I wanted to work with you because you are amazing. It was such a delight to hear you speak and then be able to pursue the chance to do a one-on-one session with you has just been just phenomenal. It’s amazing when I look at my handwriting that I can see what you are saying!

Melanie RK, Atlanta, Georgia
You are most insightful and spiritually guiding. One awesome thing that stands out is the amazing insight and depth you bring to the field of handwriting analysis. You literally blew me away with your depth and wealth of handwriting analysis knowledge. You really shine head and shoulders above the masses.

Joey Zarek, TX
Hi Kathi! Well, I read the analysis & I was GRINNING from ear to ear because you nailed these two knuckle-head's to the wall with your insights!! LOL Heather's greatest wish in this world is TO BE AN ACTRESS! Apparently she's already honing her craft (with what she hides from everybody)! You mentioned that she might be withdrawn a bit and she is absolutely in a funk because she HATES SCHOOL so much! Plus you mentioned that her stoic-ness was a defense mechanism from having to show her true self & that is very much how she presents herself. Like she's real tough but she has such a tender little heart to her, she's easily one of the most soft-hearted people that I know! You got a lot of her behavior's and attitudes! I was shocked that that horrible printing of hers could reveal so much! She was born 3 months premature so she was always behind her peers & never did learn how to write all that well. And for Nichole, you mentioned resentment of some kind showed up & she's extremely resentful of her inability to make deep friendships with other girls. She does OK in the guy department but has trouble sustaining females’ friendships! One thing that you said to describe a writing attribute was that she had a "steam roller stroke" & that describes Nichole in a nutshell. She is EXACTLY like a human steam roller! Very stubborn & determined to the extreme! LOL So I thank you for doing such an EXCELLENT JOB of analyzing my two daughters. It helps me so much when a person can give me insight from a different perspective than my own. You are well worth the money! LOL I would rate your Analysis a 10 out of 10! It really was grand! THANK YOU! Gratefully, B.C. Centennial Colorado

B.C. Centennial Colorado