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Imagine learning “new” and “never published” information about everyone’s favorite little secret: sex and sexuality! Most of the material in this class has NEVER BEFORE been published in any book, tape, CD or seminar. You will discover strokes, hooks and loops that reveal sexual “dirt” that no one can ever imagine could be identified through handwriting.

Imagine the insight and shocking reactions you will have when you spot the “secret sexual traits” you’ll learn inside this new audio and PDF online program.
Get the inside scoop on anyone’s sexual prowess!
What do you really know about your new lover or partner, or your best friend’s new boyfriend?

  1. Does your love interest have a high sex drive? (This is not the y-loop. Something totally new.)
  2. Did you think there was sizzle potential, only to find out things are going nowhere? How to find out if you and your partner are a compatible match in the bedroom.
  3. What letter reveals that the writer turns their back on sex?
    (hint: it’s in the letter P)
  4. How to find out if buying sexy lingerie as a present would score big points.
  5. Does your partner use a lot of creative imagination in the bedroom?
  6. How to find out if your lover is cheating!
  7. Do you or your lover like to vacuum in the nude?
  8. Learn how to change your writing to really enhance your sex life.
  9. …and much more!

Kathi’s class describing the 9 Secret Sex Traits was amazing!! Not only did I find out so much more about myself (that I really already knew deep down inside but never manifested it until after my class with Kathi), but the next day I pinpointed a guy dead-on with one of the more “unusual” traits. He was amazed and astonished (and so was I!). Thanks for the invaluable knowledge, Kathi!! I’ll never forget it. Can’t wait till your next class!”

Sincerely Shocked and Amazed,
Carissa Mason

9 Secret Sex Traits
Online Seminar
Only $57 $37!

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Yes, I want to order the entire 9 Secret Sex Traits in Handwriting course online now and pay the discounted ALL-ONLINE price of just $57. I will watch, listen, and download all pieces using my computer. Nothing will be sent to me.

Plus I will have access to the entire online seminar to listen to again and again at a later date. So, if I can only listen to half the class, I can come back later and listen to the rest – it’s all right there on my computer, whenever I’m ready. I can also download it to my iPod in MP3 format, or listen to it using my computer! Plus, I can print out the entire written material, or read it online.

What is an online seminar?
This particular seminar was recorded as a teleclass, with Kathi McKnight instructing, Bart Baggett hosting, and some of your fellow students asking the questions everyone wants to know.

You get the benefit of listening in on their discussion, reading along with the transcript and following along with the graphics on your worksheet – while learning all about the secret sex traits in handwriting.

“Dear Kathi and Bart, I really enjoyed the class. I am currently working with a friend who is head of an alternative school. We’ve seen so much insight into these young people through handwriting analysis.

“I know these traits will help us even more. Just the revelation about the ‘sneak marks’ and ‘guilt dots’ made the whole evening priceless.

“Sometimes, just a clue about a person’s perspective can really help a relationship. I plan to consciously adjust my handwriting to increase my persuasiveness! (Couldn’t hurt!)
Thanks again.”

Dian Helms Brown
Lexington, TN

What happens when I place my order?
As soon as you place your order, you will be emailed the secret class download page, where you will find four files:

The original recording of the class as a teleseminar, with the option of listening to it on your computer using Windows Media Player or downloading it to my iPod in MP3 format.
A PDF handout, so you can take notes and follow along.
An Audio Transcript of the class, which you can read online, or print in PDF format and read along with the audio.

The “9 Secret Sex Traits” Tips Booklet

About Your Teacher
Kathi McKnight is a prolific international handwriting analyst. Certified since 1991, she studied under Gwen Sampson/ Rocky Mountain Graphology Assn. Gwen worked with Water Gate, the CIA and the FBI. Kathi has been featured on TV and radio, interviewed for murder trials and was featured in the cover story of Teen Magazine to analyze Blink 182. She is a speaker and freelance writer. Having been a health care practitioner in private practice for over a decade, she also writes and speaks on the Mind Body and Spirit connection.

For more information, visit and sign up for her free on line newsletter, M.A.G.I.C.