Would you like to learn graphology?

Test your skills just for fun with this quick quiz: 

Spotting a Loner:

A. The handwriting has a vertical slant only
B. The t’s are crossed low and short
C. The writer has very bad breath
D. The lower zone looks like sticks, no loops
E. None of the above


See bottom of page for further information:



The answer is D. When you see a page full of lower loops on the letters g and y and j (in cursive) and they have no loops but look like single sticks, you have a loner on your hands. There are other indicators that reveal this too, like large spaces between words reveal that the person needs a LOT of elbow room, personal space etc. These are fun little tidbits of information and not intended to teach graphology, there is too much and as you can see one answer leads to more questions. So hang in there and thanks for coming out to play! I’m working as fast as I can to get some things better in place for y’all that are hungry to learn more where I can be available to teach you. Stay tuned. Juicy stuff happenin in 2013.


And by the way….when you see big loops in the lower loops, these are folks who have a large circle of friends and acquaintances.


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