Below is Special Reference (page 50) taken from my book:
“Handwriting Analysis
The Good, The ‘Un-good’ and the Unexpected”

Kathi McKnight, BA, CMG


Bundy’s Writing Example of Resentment

Look at Ted Bundy’s handwriting – In my online Home Study Course students can see the full Bundy letter. 

When brace strokes start significantly below the baseline, like most of Ted Bundy’s do, it is a serious situation. Think of a brace stroke as a wall of resentment, stopping anyone from coming in to hurt him. Such hurt in Ted Bundy’s case led to violent perpetration, over and over and over………..

If you look closely there are at least 25 brace strokes in Ted Bundy’s tiny sample of handwriting. I pointed out 7 of them. Can you find the remaining 18? I have never seen so many brace strokes in one small sample of writing. Ever. The rest of his letter was filled with it as well. 



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