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Signature Analysis - William Shatner

I had the pleasure and honor of meeting William Shatner on his 'trek' to Denver. A friend and I had plans to meet for lunch and he called and said there was a science fiction convention going on at the Marriott in the Denver Tech Center and people everywhere were dressed up in all kinds of costumes. Being a fan of Halloween, I thought this sounded like fun people watching while we had brunch. He told me several celebrities were there including William Shatner. We decided to definitely go check it out and there were so many interesting things going on and people to watch that we never did eat.

I did have the honor of meeting one of America's most legendary celebrity's and got his autograph so I could analyze it and share it here. When I told Mr. Shatner that I was a handwriting analyst, he momentarily stepped out of superstardom to being just like anyone else I do handwriting for. They usually fall into one of 2 categories, either very excited to have it done….... or very nervous. He responded with the latter. I wasn't a normal fan standing in line to get his autograph. I sensed a very kind man, even tho he looked right into my eyes and said oh oh, with a genuinely nervous smile, bordering on nervousness and wondering.

One of the things that struck me the most about William Shatner's signature was his large upper loops.

What an incredible visionary. Theupper loops, (when properly placed!) have to do with the ability to visualize into the future, all the things we cannot see, touch or feel. Sounds pretty trekkie-like doesn't it!!

His signature is very hard to read. That always indicates the writer would rather remain anonymous with regards to his personal life. Understandable, with millions of fans adoring him, I would want to keep my private life private too and discern who really gets to know me. Makes sense since when I mentioned to Mr. Shatner that I was a handwriting analyst and would like to do an analysis on his signature, he suddenly stepped down from super star to having a very human response that I get from 50% or less of the people, and that is sudden self consciousness and a nervous smiling worried look accompanied by...."Oh oh." I try to reassure people that I've only seen a handful of psycho killers and chances are high, they won't be one of them. I didn't reassure Mr. Shatner because I truly didn't want to take up his time with the long line of people waiting to get his signature and or have their picture taken with him. But I could sense, a very nice man.

Speaking of intuiting a situation, don't you think that running the starship enterprise would require one have a really strong 6th sense about things?

Well he's got it. See those breaks within his signature at the baseline? That, and mixing cursive with printing adds up to an intuitive ability. (also a fine appreciation of music)

You can see a figure 8 in his name. That always means much dedication to something. Since it shows up in the signature this dedication stroke carries enormous weight of importance.

The signature is written at an upward slant. So our hero is an upbeat guy feeling good about life. Combine that with a heart slant (writing that slants to the right) and the fact that the writing is large, we have a true extrovert here, who has a lot of heart energy, is a people person and there is a desire to be understood by others. (even from other galaxies Captain Kirk?)

The t is crossed to the left of the t bar, meaning, sorry folks this guy is human after all. There is some anger there. Maybe traffic was bad that day. Actually, my gut feeling on this since it shows up so close to the visualizing upper loop, that some creative project did not go quite according to his desired vision and plans. At least the t bar is still connected to the t stem. That indicates that the anger is controlled and contained.

I see much directness and definiteness in this signature.

Then the name ends with a caution stroke. Perhaps a check point from putting oneself out there so very hugely with all that vision. And the anger that followed. But we thank you for it William Shatner. All of it and for sharing all of you with us for so many decades.


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