Empowered Creations

Empowered Creations is…

Owner of Empowered Creations

Owner of Empowered Creations

A coaching company owned and managed by my good friend Roger House. He works with Veterans and their families to first assist in releasing all trauma symptoms, fears, anger, or anything else that is not in alignment with the growth of the family.  He than assists them in finding their passion so that the entire family can live in peace and harmony.

He has been through so much yet is always ready to lend a hand or ear for support along with being extremely talented in bringing families closer together. His training is tailored to support the entire family.

He works with…

  • Veterans  – all issues from being in the service Anything from total PTSD to self esteem, anger, lack of motivation and much more.
  • Spouses – teaching them self-esteem, coaching skills to help their spouse, and any anger they may be holding onto.
  • Children – the lace of self-esteem giving them encouragement, and hope that life will be easier when you have the right skills

If you would like to know more about Roger and his work go to Empowered Creations  or email him at roger@empoweredcreations.com