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This is the whole enchilada. This has been called the Break-Through Hour by so many of my past clients.

Instructions to get your Full Analysis:

1. On unlined paper with a ball point pen write 2 pages about your hopes and dreams and fears.

  • Just do not copy from a book or magazine or anything else. The reason I ask for you to write about your hopes and dreams and fears is that key strokes nearly always show up in key words. If you are skeptical, you are also more than welcome to write about something more generic, such as your 3rd grade teacher, your favorite meal, the pledge of allegiance, anything at all. Just remember to not copy from anything as that will interrupt your normal flow of writing.

2. Include as many signatures as you feel you have and use


3. It is important that you write in your most normal handwriting. Do not try to make it extra neat. If you feel that you mix cursive with printing that is fine. However if you strictly only print, please do your best to “eek” out a few sentences or a paragraph in cursive writing. Because not as much can be told just from pure printing.


4. Print your name and print your email very clearly, including your phone number.


5. It is strongly prefered that I have your original sample. You are welcome to mail it. However it is not absolutely mandatory. You may scan a sample to me.

Mail your handwriting sample to:

Kathi McKnight

20883 E. Parliament Place

Parker, CO 80138

6. Once BOTH payment and handwriting sample are received, your session will be scheduled.


7. BONUS: You will receive a copy of your handwriting scanned back to you with a few things highlighted so that you can see what I am referring to.


  • You will have a chance to actually learn a little bit about where I see, what I see. Key strokes will be identified in this deeply personalized session.

  • A very easy but very specific graphotherapy program is designed for you. Your session is tailor made just for you.

  • This session is also recorded so you may listen to it over and over. It will be sent to you as a link to download on your own computer.

What others are saying….


“The point is, you can improve anything in your life from your relationships to your finances when you discover the hidden beliefs that hold you back. Once you know what they are, you can question them to see if they are still true for you in the clear light of day.”
Joe Vitale , The Secret

Handwriting analysis is the most incredible way to spot this immediately. Graphotherapy is a tangible way to reach the Body Mind and Spirit Connection and create the desired change.


Hi Kathi,
I got a lot of chills from the session! I think the hardest thing was how completely accurate you are about my signature Wow! You were dead on and it just hit me head-on cause I don’t think anyone else even knows that about me. You were also absolutely correct about the fact that I am a very practical and logical person.
I work as a judicial assistant to a Judge, I’m a combination of paralegal and bulldog. You were also dead on about how I weigh information. I’ll probably end up reading your analysis 10 more times over the next several days, letting it fully sink in. But my initial response is WOW! I think it will stay that way each time I read it as well, but each time I read it I know I will learn more from it as it sinks deeper. Thank you very much Kathi! I really appreciate your analysis and I am already consciously making efforts to change my writing now.
Thank you so much!”

Tara Nelson



“I wanted to work with you because you are amazing. It was such a delight to hear you speak and then be able to pursue the chance to do a one-on-one session with you has just been just phenomenal. It’s amazing when I look at my handwriting that I can see what you are saying!”
Melanie RK, Atlanta, Georgia


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