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“Little Known Handwriting Analysis Secrets”

Weekly Handwriting Analysis Tips

What Tip Readers are Saying:

Tip # 22: “I have learned so much from your tips; They are extremely informative and wildly interesting. I share the wisdom with my groups when I speak about empowerment.” Sharon B. Denver, CO

Tips #17: “Hi Kathi! This is just BRILLIANT! I LOVE your tips , they are so wonderful, informative and fun. Good Job! Val Heart, Texas

Tip #19: “I love your tips! I want to study your course. I LOVE how you write about the science of learning about people through hand writing.”
Kimberly Jentzen, Acting Coach, Los Angeles, CA.

Tip#15: “Awesome lesson! This helped me understand my girlfriend so much better.” Mark Benson, Chicago, IL

Tip #7: “Awesome info, Kathi !@!@!” Betty Knight, (Oklahoma)

How It Works:

Handwriting can reveal your inherent strengths and weakness. Wouldn’t you like to know:

  • If you write like a millionaire?
  • What your own strengths and weaknesses are?
  • What your Sexy I.Q. is?

How Graphology Works

Your handwriting is a result of a complex connection between your brain and your hand. This is why your handwriting can reveal so much about you. If you are struggling with something, have hidden talents or any 1 of 5,000 different things, they can be revealed in your writing. A graphologist can also tell things about your relationships, about your past experiences, your relationship to money and even about your sex drive! More accurate and revealing than any polygraph, your handwriting is a true indicator of who you really are.