“But what if I only print? Can you still tell things from my handwriting?”

This is a very commonly asked and very good question.

If you find writing where it is all block letters, or all printing, then YES, you can still tell things from one’s handwriting.

It’s just that you can’t tell nearly as much.

Printers are about to get stereotyped here……but the rule of thumb is that printers are almost  always independent people.  They are also very  intelligent people and………they are usually  hiding something!

Mmmm hmmm!   Now it gets interesting, doesn’t it?

To clarify things just a bit, please do not  confuse the writer who combines cursive writing  with printing and call them a printer.  They are not.  That means something entirely different.

A lot of writers who only print were actually ridiculed in school by their teachers for their writing and printed ever since.

I find that most printers, do however, write their signatures in cursive. So that gives us the  additional information needed in a handwriting session.

So in an analysis, you printers…..you can run, but you cannot hide.  “Vee have our vays!”

Hey, some of my best friends are printers, so no worries mates.

Kathi President, RMGA


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