Handwriting Analysis – Aren’t You Ready?


Have you been enjoying my tips?

Then maybe its time to take Handwriting Analysis to a whole new level.

You see, your handwriting never lies.

When you put pen to paper you are actually brain writing not hand writing.

Everything begins with a thought.

When you have a thought to pick up a pen or pencil to jot down a note, or write out a grocery list or sign a check, or write a personal note in a birthday card………it’s not the pen doing the writing, its not even your hand doing the writing.

It is the thought in the brain that jumps into the nerve which travels down your arm, onto your hand, into your fingers which direct your pen to splash the ink on to the paper….. revealing more than an Rorschach Ink Block Test ever could.

You are beginning to learn the ancient insider secrets and know their secret translation!

You are already learning more than anyone on your city block, maybe at your whole office!

Your handwriting is an utterly deeply  personal expression that comes from deep within revealing the  good (and “un-good”)……….all the yummy things that uniquely make you who you are.

When I was fresh out of my certification training, (just like the one I teach online now) the very first “gig” I did was to get a booth and do analyses at a fun outdoor fair that was in an historical artsy part of town. I will never forget one of my first clients that afternoon.  She had short dark brown hair, was modestly dressed and was around age 15.   She had a big loop in her t, which of course means, the writer is sensitive to criticism.

As I was giving her a verbal analysis I came to this t stroke and I said nonchalantly and matter of factly……oh you’re a bit sensitive to criticism.

This poor darling young woman jerked her head back, flipped back her hair, turned her shoulder to me while peering down her nose and glared at me as she defiantly said…….I am NOT!?

I had to shake my head in wonderment and amusement both at her and myself (for not being more conscious in my early learning how to give analyses phase) and it was another confirmation to me that Handwriting Never Lies.

So now it’s your turn.

Aren’t you ready to start learning what your own handwriting means? Wouldn’t you love to impress your family and friends by revealing deep “secrets” about their inner personality?  In my book Handwriting Analysis, you’ll discover:

I reveal this on page 19:

Need a receptionist for your business?  Finding this stroke in handwriting guarantees this writer has a pleasing quality to the sound of their voice. And people will often comment on their voice in a positive way.

I reveal this on page 38:

Finding a large loop in the letter t reveals a writer who is overly sensitive and wears a defended stance in life. They are sensitive to criticism, productive or otherwise  You will have the advantage to understand them before trouble begins and be prepared to handle them with kit gloves. If you have this in your own handwriting, as so many people do, consider the advice of best selling author, Don Muguel Ruiz, who wrote The Four Agreements:  “Don’t take anything personally.  Nothing others do is because of you.   What others say and do is a projection of their own reality, their own dream.   When you are immune to the opinions and actions of others, you won’t be the victim of needless suffering.”

I reveal this on page 41:

How to instantly spot depression in handwriting.  A must for any parent concerned about their Teen.

I reveal this on page 42:

You owe it to yourself to know how to spot this trait in handwriting! Having the instant knowledge of how to spot this stroke could literally end up saving someone’s life.  What I’m about to tell you is taken from my advanced course where I teach the physical traits and health issues that are revealed in handwriting so pay close attention.  This is a rare trait taken directly out of the advanced course and I am sharing it right here in my new book.  Note:  This information is not available anywhere else.

When this small murmur in this 1 specific letter, even one time in a page of handwriting it reveals a heart impairment.  Handwriting often reveals this information sometimes years before a medical test can pick it up!  Getting to the doctor for a check up this early on can prevent potential heart disease years in advance, adding quality years to one’s life.  An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

You can see exactly what it looks like in my book,   Handwriting Analysis:  The Good, the “Un-good” and the Unexpected.  And you will find it on page 42.

Head over and get Handwriting Analysis today.


Kathi President, RMGA


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