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Are you enjoying my tips so far?

Handwriting analysis is such a fun thing to study because everyone writes in a unique way  and every person reveals “secrets” about themselves within their own handwriting.

When you know how to interpret the strokes you have access to a secret code.

You know who the other person REALLY is.

Those of you totally new to handwriting analysis probably have a lot of questions; like:

“How can this be so accurate?”

“How does it work?”

“My handwriting changes”, or “I only print”……….

I know, I know. I’ve heard and answered hundreds of questions, hundreds of times.  And while I will be answering several more of my most popular questions in the coming tips, I also know that you may want more.

Handwriting analysis is an uncannily accurate fascinating science.  It was used by many of the great Thinkers of all time.  Referenced by Confucius, Carl Jung and so many more.

Whether you want to know what your own handwriting says about you, or what your friends, family and acquaintances have to say, what if you could “read” handwriting yourself? 

That’s why I created my book, Handwriting Analysis: The Good, The “Un-good”, and the Unexpected.

And if you’ve liked my tips up until this point, you’re going to LOVE my book.

In it I give you 44 powerful straight forward traits that are easy to find and pick up in handwriting. I show you what to look for … and more importantly what it means.

Head over and take a look >> 

Most of all, you’re going to have fun. It’s eye opening to be able to spend a few minutes looking at a grocery list or birthday card and instantly graps truths about the writer.

Watch for the next tip where more secrets are revealed!

Kathi President, RMGA


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