Secret #3 – Humor In Handwriting

“You can pick your friends
or you can pick your nose,
but you can’t pick your friend’s nose.”

Hi ,

Can humor really be spotted in Handwriting?

No, not really. I just was looking an excuse to use this quote about picking your nose.

That’s it.

Stay tuned for the next tip week …

Ok, April Fools.  (even if you are reading this in December or in July)

So, rumor has it that you can spot humor in handwriting.

Well this rumor is true!

It is unexpected but yes, there is a very specific stroke found in handwriting that says this writer has a dry, witty, flirtatious sense of humor!  That he or she wants to entangle and catch people:  That he or she adds sparkle to conversations and are a lot of fun to be around.  These writers often have a “Far Side” kind of sense of humor.

And this is what it looks like:  (Hint, pay attention to where the arrows are pointing)


The point of focus is on the “lead in” stroke. The “lead in” stroke or “beginning stroke” is the stroke that starts the first letter of any word. 

For accuracy, the lead in stroke must be longer than the first letter itself.

And the rule is, it can be straight or wavy or curvy.

What do you think? Does this writer have a sense of humor?


If you said yes, you just passed your first quiz!


Well …….how are you enjoying the tips so far?

We aren’t finished wit the series yet. More fun to come.

For Tip #4 we’ll dive into the topic of religion – did you know writing a certain way says a lot about your personal philosphy, your spiritual beliefs, preferences and attituded?  There is one letter out of 26 in the English alphabet that discloses how the writer feels about religion and what their  personal philosophy’s are!

In just a few days I will reveal which letter that is.  You won’t want to miss it.

This is very rare information you are learning!

And to get you prepared for the next sermon, er I mean TIP, let me leave you with this beautiful thought regarding spirituality.  Would you kindly scroll down?

“Lying in bed and shouting Oh God does not constitute going to church.”  

(Who said learning graphology had to be dry and boring?  See you real soon.)


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