Secret #4 – Religion In Handwriting

Blessings to you

Today’s tip has been brought to you by MAXINE.


You see………Maxine was driving down the street in a sweat because she had an important meeting and couldn’t find a parking place!

 Looking up toward heaven, she said, ‘Lord, take pity on me, if you find me a parking place I will go to church every Sunday for the rest of my life and give up sex and tequila.’

Miraculously, a parking place appeared.

She looked up again and said, ‘Never mind. I found one.’


Can you discern someone’s religious beliefs based on his or her handwriting?

Once again, you’d be shocked at what you can truly tell.

In the on-line home study course that I offer, an entire section is devoted to the letter “h”  as it  reveals very specific information about the writer’s most authentically true religious and spiritual and personal beliefs.

If you spot an ‘h’ written like this,


even if only 1 or 2  (specific) h’s like this are found within the context of 25 words,

you have a good person on your hands.

And  if you find the “h’ written exactly this way over 50% of the time in a handwriting sample, you can be assured, this person works is intent on living by the Golden Rule.

This writer believes in the importance of treating others as they like to be treated.

What makes this “h” unique in how it is written?

There are several specific parts to this letter, that reveal the “golden rule h” and each part must be in place or the meaning does not apply.  Prepare to look through the eyes of a graphologist:

Notice the space between the upper loop of the “h” and the hump of the “h.”


Also notice the beginning stroke starts ON the baseline and drives upward creating a loop.

At the minimum both of these structures must be in place for this to apply.   Why so exact?  Because that is what makes this science so amazingly consistently accurate.

Are there other ways to write the letter h?  Oh my yes. Here’s just a few.  See if you can spot the differences… (just in the letter “h” mind you)


One of those h’s reveals an agnostic.

And another one above reveals who goes to church but has not heard a word spoken.

(Reminds me of the Church Lady in Saturday Night Live.)

By the way,  what you are getting in this tips series is an inside

peek into some of the surprising things that handwriting reveals.

But please realize, in handwriting analysis, we do look at many factors in handwriting and then we stack the traits one upon another.

In other words a few of the things we look at would include:

the size, the pressure, where the i’s are dotted, where the t’s are crossed, how long are the lower loops, what is the slant?

Is the writing rounded, or is it angular, is it legible, is it illegible

…………and many things.

Then we stack these traits together.  Within all of this information are very

specific traits you are getting a glimpse of that give fabulous specific information.

Once the bug has bitten you and you just love learning handwriting analysis,

you, like all of my other students in the RMGA Family, crave to learn more and more.

And no matter where you learn handwriting analysis, you will find it to be a fascinating

life long journey that can change your life in so many wonderful ways.

As it did mine and as it has so many of my students.

Phew, can you believe we’re over half way there? And look at how much you’ve learned already!

Let this soak in…….because the next tip has been one of the most popular tips.

I can’t wait to share this unusual insight with YOU.

See you in a few days my friends….

President, RMGA

McKnight Holistic Enterprises, 20883 E Parliament Pl, Parker, CO 80138, USA

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