Secret #5 – Diplomacy In Handwriting


“Diplomacy is the ability to tell someone to go to hell
and make them look forward to the trip.”


Once upon a time I belonged to a prestigious writer’s group.  Although I believe my writing style more closely resembled the imperfect ramblings of Mark Twain over the more proper pristine and perfection of say, Miss Manners, I loved the experience and the fellow writers in the group. I will always remember the variety of topics, talents and special friendships in that group.

One woman in particular was from the deep South. And with us, she shared a trade secret from the Land of Cotton.

The Southern have a way of sandwiching an insult in between an expression that lets them get by with murder.

All they have to do is to end a sentence, any sentence with the phrase, “Bless her (or his) heart.”

Example;  “Did you hear that Joan Rivers has had 47 face lifts? Why nobody would guess that she is really 102 years old. Not in a million years.  Bless her heart.”

Think of anything that annoys you and then end the sentence with “Bless his (or her) heart.” Do you notice the tone?

Diplomacy is an art that truly only the mindful pull off well.

How does diplomacy show up in handwriting?

It is revealed in the letter M.  Also in the letter N.


These are serious secrets of my trade, folks!

Most people don’t get to learn this until they are taking my certification course to learn handwriting analysis.

So pay attention please.

When the “humps” of the “m” or “n” taper downward, this is a sign of diplomacy.


If you wear an outrageous red polka dotted dress with a striped purple hat and ask the writer with the diploMatic m (or n) what they think of your outfit, they will most likely respond with a cordial, “Well its very interesting! ” They would just as soon bite off their own tongue than insult you.

Of course this person may tell a friend about it later and tell the truth of how they really felt.  Bless their heart. Hope you had fun this tip. (I did.)

And that’s my “slant” on it.

Ahhh, love is in the air. And in Tip #6 we’ll discover how your writing can tell what you need to feel truly loved an appreciated.

Knowing this profound secret  in advance can help you make a relationship instead of break it.   Stay tuned…


President, RMGA


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