Secret #6 – Love In Handwriting


Handwriting is the Language for Lovers!

It’s not just found in the poetry of Hafiz or the writings of Shakespeare……handwriting reveals the poetry in one’s soul.

Even if they are merely writing out their grocery list!

Did you know that a simple piece of handwriting can reveal the one thing a person needs at a core level in order to feel truly loved and appreciated?

If you can identify which 1 of the 2 key indicators that your lover (or loved-one)  needs you can then deliver and happily cater to it.

When you do, you are well on your way to a very successful relationship.

But first you have to know what they are and which one they need!

I once had a troubled client contact me who was concerned about her relationship.

She was worried about another woman who would not stop flirting with her fiancé and who seemed intent on stealing him away from her!

She was very curious to know what the other woman’s handwriting revealed.

The only writing sample she had was the signature of the “other woman.”

Turns out that was all we needed!

In her words, the writer “was on a psycho mission and seemed determined to steal my fiancé.”  She told me she was desperate for some clarity on the situation.

The signature of this Vixenella’s writing revealed a person who was extremely expressive, outgoing, impulsive as well as emotionally starved. This other woman was willing to put herself out on the limb and willing to take risks and chances.   Her ending strokes revealed that she was also a very needy person with a clinging personality.  Not the type that would typically be very healthy for a long term stable relationship.

This Devious Diva’s handwriting revealed that she was ever so willing to wear her heart on her sleeve and express her feelings to my client’s fiancé.

This was beginning to cause some real friction for my new client who was getting more and more frustrated….. and threatened.

The handwriting revealed that “the other woman” was flattering her fiancé and making him feel needed.

She seemed to have a knack for appealing to his ego.

As it turns out, my client happened to include a short note, which revealed her OWN handwriting.

I noticed that my client’s writing revealed she was quite reserved by nature.

I decided to coach outside the box with this new client.  And find a way to help her go from Victim to Victory in this situation.

I invited her to see this as an opportunity.

First to step aside from the drama, tap into her inner Wise Woman and become a neutral Observer to the situation.

Was there anything to learn from this?

My client was so reserved per her handwriting, was there anything she might learn from certain aspects of the “other woman” who was seemingly playing the part of a predator.

Rather than see her as a perceived threat, what could she learn from her?

See, the handwriting offered up insights that went far beneath the surface.

I wanted to help this client travel from Victim-ville, to Choice-town.

We did some personal coaching around this and she had to be honest with herself and ask if she was truly being as open and expressive to her fiancé as she needed to be to have a truly successful intimate relationship.  Was she sharing her OWN true emotional feelings?

Had she expressed her concerns to her fiancé and really let him know how this situation was making HER feel? Could she actually learn from this more expressive “predator?” And turn a threat into a learning advantage?

Her own handwriting revealed she was far less expressive and even shut down. I gently suggested that sometimes, great love requires great risks.

It’s usually never about another person anyway…..

It’s usually all about us and how we see, perceive and react to things.

And this of course was the kicker:

If her fiancé was responding inappropriately to this woman, was this a man truly wanted to spend the rest of her life with?

Here is what she had to say about it:

Testimonial:  “Wow, Kathi. Thank you SO very very much. This really helped open my eyes to some things, and helped me make a decision. It is fascinating and amazing how much handwriting can actually tell about a person!”

This was a unique situation to both of these writers.

Yours will be unique to yours.

In the meantime, I’ll leave you with this thought:

“Fear is that little dark room, where negatives are developed”


President, RMGA

P.S. We’re almost there. Tip #7 will be delivered to you in just a few days. Have you ever wondered what your doodles say about you? Yes it’s not just your handwriting – even your doodles reveal intimate things about you. Stay tuned…


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