Even though my home is 20 miles south of Denver, I was in Denver the morning of the huge rally and tribute to the Super Bowl Champions, our beloved Denver Broncos!!

To give you an idea of the turn out, here is one aerial shot that was taken.

Scroll down.  Can you see me? I’m the one in orange and blue.










Swarm of fans at rally

aerial view of fans at rally

Just kidding.  I avoided the parade and watched it on TV back home.   It was amazing.  The crowd turn out was estimated between 650,000 and 1 million!  Out of all of that, only one arrest was made.

Let’s dive into Peyton Manning’s autograph.



I like the shape of his P.  It reminds me of a partial football.


(Whoops, not yet John Elway, I’ll write about you in the next post.  For now folks,  just focus on the shape of the football…..Now let’s return to Peyton’s signature)




A few of my  RMGA graduates gathered round the handwriting sample round table tonight and I let them do the analyzing.  They did an awesome job (of course).

Here’s what they discovered: The “M” in Manning is not nearly as large at the “P” in Peyton.  Peyton’s emphasis is on himself personally, more than his family.

The “M” is very rounded.  This represents a cumulative thinker. He doesn’t want surprises, he wants it laid out, in other words.  But then notice how the writing becomes illegible and looks like a piece of thread that has come loose?  In graphology, we literally call this “threaded writing.”  And it means, full speed ahead! Fast thinking, seeing the end result before one even starts! He combines methodical thinking with fast follow through.

The lower loops are slender (y and g).  He’s extremely selective in who he calls a close friend.

And he cannot escape a trait that I’ve seen in many a super celebrity’s handwriting.  The vanity stroke.  The “T” is “Mile High” tall.  This means he doesn’t just think he’s right, he KNOWS he is right.  My hunch is, it has to do with he knows he’s right that the “big man upstairs” had much to do with his success.  And you will never ever ever ever be able to tell him differently.

It is that kind of defies-all-odds type of knowing one is right that makes the upper zone shoot up more than 3x as high as the middle zone.

The middle zone includes letters such as a, e, i, o and u.  (Just to name a few)

Other indicators in the writing show he puts his whole heart into the game. (Psst its in the slant).

Hope you enjoyed today’s blog.

I’ll leave you with an unexpected twist and turn.  And hopefully ……a audible chuckle.

Want to see Peyton Manning dance?  It’s worth it to take the next 52 seconds and watch this funny video with 3,122,408 others who watched and enjoyed it too!

Til next time,

Your “Write” Coach