Presidential Candidates

What Does The Handwriting of Our Presidential Candidates Say About Them…


President Obama…

Obama letter

Picture credited to Autograph Magazine


  • Signature different than rest of writing keeps private and public life separate
  • Slant reveals he combines both his head and his heart when making important decisions.
  • The handwriting is simple and direct, shows pragmatic and strategic thinking.

Picture credited to Autograph Magazine

  • Fluidity strokes in the writing reveal fluidity in thinking and eloquence in speaking.
  • The small size of the script discloses strong concentration.
  • Quick thinker; can see the end result;  he must be careful to not gloss over the important details along the way.  Determined.
  • The O and the B intersect creating the Greek letter Phi.  That is known as the Golden number and to suggest a natural balance between symmetry and asymmetry.


Mitt Romney …

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  • The far right slant of his signature indicates he is driven by his feelings and emotions, driven by passions of the heart, which leaves him susceptible to giving in to impulse.
  • Reactive. Quick thinker and very loyal to his beliefs.
  • Planning far into the future.

Picture credited to Autograph Magazine


  • The printing is separate and disconnected which translates literally.
  • He will have fast anticipatory responses.
  • Sympathetic to others points of view; Easily influenced by others.
  • Needs his privacy.  Very driven. Depth of Character.