Rocky Mountain Graphology Association (R.M.G.A.)


In Dedication


The Rocky Mountain Graphology Association (RMGA) is re-established in dedication and remembrance of Gwen Sampson, original teacher and founder of the Rocky Mountain Graphology Association. Born in Clinton Iowa on May 5, 1918 she was a clinical psychiatrist who used her graphology skills to work with the FBI, the CIA and was involved with Watergate. Known for her eccentricity and joyful outlook on life, she was a teacher to thousands of individuals; she touched the lives of each of every one of us. Known best for coining the phrase, “We all have good and ‘ungood’ traits in our handwriting, ” that phrase was to become part of the underlying foundational philosophy from which the Rocky Mountain Graphology Association was formed and built to last. This course is based on the original works of Gwen Sampson with her blessing. Here in lies the revival of Gwen Sampson’s work and her legacy will be carried on in the hearts and spirits of all who study from the Rocky Mountain Graphology Association. Thought to be one of the best Graphologists in the country in her time, she will be reverently and respectfully remembered by all who loved and learned from her well. If you or anyone you know, knew Gwen Sampson and would like to share your story, please contact me at Kathi@KathiMcKnight.com. I am collecting a series of essays to string together as a sort of Chicken Soup for the Graphologist’s Soul, series. The stories are already coming in. There will be a place on my website to share your story so stay tuned.

Mission and Philosophy of the RMGA
“Milosophy Statement”

To promote the use and knowledge of graphology to expand horizons in order to have a better understanding of our fellow man. Be empowered to use this knowledge to enhance every relationship, both personal and professional. Realize that everyone has good and ‘ungood’ in their handwriting and that what we write comes from the conscious mind and how we write comes from the subconscious mind. Learning this ancient science is a privilege. Teaching it is an honor. This decoding of the human spirit is not to be taken lightly nor is it a license to become a peeping Tom into another’s soul anointing oneself as judge and jury. With knowledge comes power and with power comes responsibility, compassion, wisdom and discernment.



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