Below is Special Reference (page 15) taken from my book:
“Handwriting Analysis
The Good, The ‘Un-good’ and the Unexpected”

Kathi McKnight, BA, CMG


Slants and Meaning

General Characteristics of Various Slants are:

F Slant: The writing looks-left-handed
Withdrawn, sometimes shy, reserved
You don’t know what they are thinking
Can give any impression they want
Not impulsive
Use severe judgment
Prefer to work with things rather than people
Great Actors
A Slant: Head Ruled, objective – Fair minded
Examines all sides of situations
Poised, unexpressive, doesn’t show emotions
Bored by emotional people
Stable, judgment rules
B Slant: Combines both head and heart in decision making
Judgment rules, but is tempered with compassion
Moderate in emotional response
Kind, sympathetic, affectionate, friendly, considerate
Somewhat reserved, easier to know than A slant writer
Stable, feels comfortable showing emotions to a degree
C Slant: Very expressive nature
Guided more by feelings than judgment
Leans to impulsiveness
Sees other’s point of view
Sympathetic, Compassionate
D Slant: Intensely expressive; emotional nature
Great capacity for emotional reaction
Shows feelings easily
Easily influenced by others; shows emotion at the moment
E Slant: Shows emotions immediately
Extreme version of D Slant
Apt to lose control under pressure
Capable of giving great attention to others
Want and need affection and attention



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