Welcome!  We are just getting started so bear with us through this learning curve.  I have juicy posts from every possible angle on handwriting analysis and LIFE that you will not want to miss!   From Celebrities’ autographs to ancient secret insights to how to change your writing to change your life……..and much more!

Right out of the barrel, let’s look at a surprise celebrity’s autograph who is currently starring in a new blockbuster movie.

The little boy on the left is Leonardo DiCaprio. Who is the uber super star on the right??  Come back to find out in my next blog.  I’ll reveal his identity and the movie he is in AND what his autograph says about him.


Can you guess who it is??  Stay tuned!  The answer will be in TOMORROW’S BLOG POST.  (Friday)

(Special thanks go to Autograph Magazine for authenticated autographs)