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“Handwriting analysis is one of the most brilliant tools to discover your gifts, strengths, blocks…and the answers you crave.”
Kathi -The Handwriting Shaman


On unlined paper write your burning question. It can be 1-2 sentences or a single paragraph is best. (No more than 1 page) Sign your name twice then print it once at the bottom. Include the date, print your email address very clearly and include your phone number.

Scan the writing to…

Or mail original to:
Kathi McKnight
20883 E. Parliament Place
Parker CO 80138
Please send handwriting within 24 hours after payment.

KathiYour handwriting is the window into your very soul.
*Please note: this session does not include grapho-therapy.*

You will receive a written answer within a couple of weeks, often within a day or 2.
Value: $200

What others are saying:

“Kathi, WOW!Outstanding job. You really helped me alot.”
Gina Johnson, Chicago

“Kathi, I couldn’t help being  impressed, thinking wow, – now here is someone I can really learn much from. I don’t know if anyone has ever called you an old soul, teacher or healer, but you’re a combination of all three.”
Joey Z, CA

“Hello Kathi and thanks very much!!   It is spot on and I like the language you use! Very very helpful.”
Audrey Walsh,  Austrailia

“It was almost spooky how you knew something about **** that I did not tell you and you could not guess.”
Doug Gamps,  San Antonio

“For all of you who are tempted to work with Kathi, I highly recommend you do it! My session with Kathi unlocked one big piece that was holding me back in my career. As gifted as I am in seeing this key for others, try as I might, I could not figure out what was keeping me stuck. Once Kathi started identifying specific strokes I could see many ways I was sabotaging myself. Still, it took her expertise in pinpointing the one big key concept that was stopping me.”
Andy Spyros, entrepreneur, wife and mother, CA