This morning I was contacted by a columnist for the Washington Post, Emily Heil, whose column is “In the Loop” and was asked to analyze the signature of Jack Lew, the new chief of staff for Obama who is about to be nominated for Treasury Secretary.  This would mean his signature would be on every dollar bill.  Here is the link to see his signature.  Here is that article:

I thought I would add a few more thoughts for you “write” here.

So first off John Hancock’s birthday is in January, and research indicates he was born on January 23.

As a result National Handwriting Analysis Week was born!

It is the week of January 19-25th. Yes there seems to be a national week for just about everything.

Our signature is our own personal branding or logo for the world to see. And we put forth an image, knowingly or unknowingly to the public when we write, scrawl or draw our name.

The character traits that show up in a signature carry quite a bit more weight than the rest of the writing, yet no one could or should be fully analyzed by just his signature alone.

When a signature is legible, the writer is willing to be “seen” for who he really is. When the signature is illegible…..well you do the math.

In other words, an illegible signature means the writer may be willing to be seen, but will keep who he really is, private.

He wishes to keep his true identity under wraps. Is there a little secretiveness, well yes.

***When you find big circles in one’s signature it means the writer has a philosophy of “Hugs not Drugs” They are going to have a softer approach to problem solving. ***

It is the rounder circular handwriting that reveals this tendency.

Another prominent political public figure who also had very rounded handwriting was Princess Diana. But she did not have a a signature that looked like a slinky.

You have people who write with a lot of points, angles and wedges, and these writers are going to approach problem solving in a very different way.

This signature doesn’t have the visual clarity and ease of reading as the strong yet flamboyant signature of John Hancock 


and some may look at this signature and say he could be setting himself up to be called Chief Yo Yo only because his signature seems to resemble a yo yo or at least a doodle.

Anyway NOW can we make cursive handwriting mandatory in schools again??

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