The mysterious “Benny” is everyone’s favorite Secret Santa this year!   Let’s see if we can find out just a little bit more about him by analyzing is signature.




Precisely folded $100 bills have been showing up all over Salem, OR.  Watch this delightful 1 minute plus  video.  What’s even more telling of human nature is how many people are paying it forward and in the ways they are doing it.  From children to grandpas.  You’ll see in the video below that Oregon’s Secret Santa signs the $100 bills he is randomly spreading throughout Salem.  So far $50,000 have been known to be received by surprised souls.  From homeless to children to other philanthropically driven souls who are paying it forward!

Since “Benny” left his mark by signing each bill I could not resist analyzing it for y’all.


Even though handwriting analysis does not reveal one’s age, this writer is either older or has a few health frailties.  He is also keenly keenly intelligent.  He’s extremely analytical so if we ever found out his identity, you can bet he has applied his “smarts” to finances.  That stable baseline shows he’s very stable, a perfectionist and other strokes reveal he is a most agreeable fella.  (If it is even a “he”-it could be a “she” signing her name as Benny, after Benjamin Franklin as the story goes)

The lower loop of the Y shows Benny is a people pleaser. He does not like confrontation. He wants everyone to be happy and he will bend over backward to please others.

And there is one more mystery stroke that tells me at one point he was taken advantage of, and he is now paying it forward as the sting of that feeling is still alive in his memory.  For as smart as he is, sometimes he actually gets a little bit taken advantage of.  Perhaps this is why he likes to remain so successfully anonymous.  Success is all over Benny’s name!

Benny has inspired others to pay it forward too.  You don’t have to be rich to practice Random Acts of Kindness.  Take the challenge and practice random acts of kindness 3x a day for a month……and you just might be blown away at how your life will change!  I’d love to hear about it….

Your “Write” Coach