Phyllis Diller:  Queen of  Comedy.  Dies in her sleep at age 95 with a smile on her face.

Trivia:  Diller posed for Playboy — but the pictures were never published.

What does Phyllis Diller’s Handwriting Reveal?

While her on stage persona was wild and eccentric, her handwriting was not.

First off, who ever heard of a celebrity where you could actually read their autograph!?

Sure they exist but it’s not very common.

Certain structures in her writing (hint: the letter h)  reveal this woman had a great heart and treated others as she would like to be treated.

The letter H often reveals one’s personal philosophy and how they treat their spirituality. In other words the letter H can reveal who is agnostic to who lives by the Golden Rule to has grown disenchanted by their religion to who sits in church but never heard a word that was spoken.

( I like to nickname that stroke “The Church Lady H”)

The “h” in John reveals she respects whoever John is and thinks well of him.

And who can miss that billboard sized word –  LOVE?

While Diller’s humor was self-deprecating, she greatly  appreciated the stage and her audiences.  You don’t have to be a graphologist to see she wasn’t afraid to hold back all the love in her heart (again look at the size of the word “love” compared to the rest of the writing)  and spill it on to her audiences, into her life.

She was doing what she LOVED to do.


She printed the word Love, she didn’t write it in cursive so she was keeping her boundaries in tact and keeping a bit of separation even though she emphasized it so big and boldly.

I like that her signature is written in the same style as the rest of the writing, despite it being a short and sweet sample.

It shows emotional authenticity.

See those nice sized loops in the all her “l” letters?

They are just right.

Check yours?  Do your small letter l’s (cursive) have loops in them?

If not take a cue from Phyllis Diller.   She had hopes and dreams for the future and she also had vision.

I guess that is why another famous lady comedienne was quoted as saying…..

Phyllis Diller “broke the way for every woman comedian.”  Joan Rivers



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