You would have to live under a rock to not know about the changes that Bruce Jenner is making in his life.



Young BruceBruce Jenner signing autographs in Paris










So I was fascinated to take a look at his handwriting.  Let’s see if you can pick up on one of the most profound and current themes throughout his many autographs.

One thing that hits me square in the face is how he signs his pictures with an extreme upward slant.    Throughout all the years!




Characature autograph




When someone writes with such an extreme upward slant, these people can be fearless.   These are the people who climb Mount Everest, do or die, literally or figuratively.  They do not know defeat.    You might think it means optimism and it does, but it also means when they are deeply depressed they will courageously forge ahead, fiercely and with enthusiasm and dogged determination.  They bring all the energy they have to their game.

Our signature is the cover to our own book (our own lives).  It is who we are putting out to the world;  how we desire to be seen.

As the saying goes, don’t judge a book by its cover.

You are never getting the full picture when you analyze just the signature but boy-oh- boy, what does show up in a signature, yours, mine or anybody’s, packs a punch!

If you were to put a ruler under his autograph,  you would see that the handwriting fits squarely on it.



Handwriting that looks like it has been written on a ruler is a sign of  an absolute perfectionist!

The first letters to the signature are quite large, showing a BIG sense of self, a big “healthy” ego.   The J in Jenner is SO large however, it creates a sense of over compensation…….trying TOO hard and overpowering the rest of the name.  Notice how it creates a bubble around part of his first name- creating a partial protective covering.

But it slices through the middle of his name.  He has been covering and protecting half of who he is (half of his first name).  But now he is coming out to “her.”

The writing itself is so tiny revealing enormous, gi-normous powers of focus and concentration.  But…… it is indiscernible.  If you didn’t know who it was, you probably could not truly make out the name.  That is another sign of covering up who one really is.

There is a hook that is like a partial arrow point or even a bit of a dagger, on the lower part of the letter J, the downward stick.  That shows irritation and holding on to things.  Despite it all, the uphill slant will conquer and overshadow all.


When we look at this handwriting sample …..



We see the words, “Never ever give up!!”  but this time the words are not conveying what his autographs have always revealed.  These words are written downhill…….. which means the writer was feeling depressed or  could have been very tired.

He writes with a far right slant which means Bruce is going to wear his heart out on his sleeve.  This kind of slant shows he all heart and he is full of emotion.   When he started the Diane Sawyer interview, it was with tears that he simply could not contain.  The writing also shows an over indulgence in one or more of the senses and there is also some resentment present.  Well, he has been the butt of a lot of jokes but perhaps his resentment is because he has resented a life where he could not be who he truly was………until now that is.

Statistics show a staggering rate of 41% of transgenders between the ages of 15 and 25 have attempted  suicide.  He very well could be one of the most significant  trailblazers to help the world understand the souls who have felt so misunderstood all of their lives.

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