Everybody loves ELLEN!

The famous syndicated TV talk show host, comedienne and more.

I’ve had this picture for a few years (don’t ask me why) of Ellen’s face seemingly carved or illuminated into a Halloween pumpkin.  And for the last solid couple of weeks its been ‘haunting’ me.  So I decided to do a piece on it here on my Blog.

(Yes! that means I will analyze her handwriting for you.  Ba ah ah ah)

First things first:



Let’s look at her signature.




Notice the first letters of each name are quite a bit larger than the rest of her writing.
She has a healthy ego!  Strong sense of self.  Necessary ingredients to be super successful in Hollywood.

In the bolder darker black signature on the top right, you can see how the lower loop of the g closes and crosses below the baseline, a strong sign of clannishness.  She likes to hang out with her Peeps and they all have something in common with each other.

Which name can you read?  Ellen or Degeneres?
That’s right!  You can read Ellen.   She is willing to be exposed and seen for all things that Ellen is about, in fact she likes to be branded that way.

But when it comes to her family, and all things that Degeneres represents to her, well that’s really none of our business.  It is illegible, thus private.

What do you think?  Can you discern if she wrote slowly and carefully or does she sign her name quickly?  Yes, you don’t even have to be present to see her write to tell that it was written with speed. Normally I would say she thinks fast too because of the speed but when we look at the note to the left, the handwriting is a very different style showing someone who is a methodical thinker and thinks things through with great deliberation.

The Greek E (that looks like a backward looking 3) shows her obvious appreciation for art, culture and refinement.  I mean…… see below.




And lastly, an excerpt from the humor she finds with the kiddos…




Ta -Da.

Happy Halloween 2016!


I think I’ll squeeze in a special halloween blog next that features only my favorite Halloween graphics I’ve saved over the years.

Stay tuned,

You “Write” Coach
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