We have lost a lot of celebrities this year!  I chose this autographed picture of Larry Hagman from his early years when he was about to let the cat-out-of-the-bag….er the genie-out-of-the-bottle!  (I Dream of Genie)

As is often the case with Artists (with a capital “A”)  who have honed their craft extremely well, it would seem they have much fuel they are puling from with their own personal dreams and demons.

It doesn’t take a trained eye to spot the circle around or mostly through his name. When one draws a circle in one’s name, it is a sign of self protection.

Typically for this to be true, it must hover above the name at the very least, covering the signature like an umbrella protects from the elements.  Unfortunately he writes this stroke in such a way that he crosses through his own name.

That’s just never a good idea.

When we cross through our own signature, it’s a form of self sabotage covering up an inferior feeling of unworthiness.   He shows a dichotomy with his large first initials which reveal a healthy ego.  One needs that to survive Hollywood!


The drive and ambition is obtuse!  Looooong lower loops travel well beneath the baseline revealing Hagman’s intense drive and ambition.

I’m betting he could memorize his lines well and quickly!  The speed of his writing shows he thinks fast, eats fast and probably loved to drive that rocket fast!  🙂  He just must be careful not to gloss over important details.

The threaded writing especially in his last name, (see the structure that looks like a piece of thread has come unraveled?) is multifaceted and shows complexity.   The threaded writing turns into a caution stroke yet with an up-slant, revealing optimism or at least the drive to overcome any obstacles thrown his way.

What drive to be working right up to your death bed, and fighting cancer along the way.  These traits were in his signature decades before his passing.  But they seem to be woven into his character, for all time.

R.I.P. Larry Hagman.  Thank you for the memories and entertaining us so well for so long.

Kathi McKnight

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