From time to time I post “Quiz Time” on my Facebook page.
A fun game to learn a little handwriting analysis, even if you have
zero experience or prior knowledge.

I decided to post it here and give the answers below at the bottom
once the quota of guesses was reached on FB.

Here is the quiz:
Although printing does not reveal as much as cursive, there are still insider secrets to see.
Which trait show up in person’s handwriting in this short sample?


A. Doesn’t like clutter
B. Needs elbow room
C. Writing talent
D. all of the above
COME JOIN THE FUN. ALL GUESSES WELCOME! Need at least 15-20 guesses then I’ll reveal the answer!

Here is the answer:

If you answered D (all of the above) you would be correct!
A. Doesn’t like clutter: 2 of 3 of the i dots are placed precisely above and very close to the i stem. This reveals the writer who does not like clutter (among many other interesting traits associated with this particular i dot placement)

B. Needs elbow room: Look at the amount of space between the words. This writer does not like to feel hemmed in. Give him/her some elbow room please.
C. Writing talent: The d’s are dropped down into the writing almost as if they are a musical note. This writer either has a special talent for writing or they write charts most all day in their job.
D. Yes, all of the above.
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