When you look at Jack Lew’s new and improved signature,  would you be able to read it if you didn’t already know his name?  I really don’t think I could.

                                                                               Picture courtesy of  Salon.com and  MSNBC

Although vastly improved over his original signature, the truth remains that it is still illegible.

Illegible signatures mean the writer likes to keep certain things about himself private.
 He floats his signature above the line provided on which to sign his name.

This can mean several things.

Possibly showing he has a hard time following the rules, perhaps he has bad eyesight or bad hand eye coordination.

It can be viewed as being ungrounded.  We need more handwriting to be sure.
He carried one thing over from the old signature.

The final ending stroke to his last name extends out at a 45 degree angle.

The particular way it is written in the new signature shows both extravagance and a positive attitude!

I like to really look beyond the obvious and look deeply into and at handwriting as its so fascinating it can reveal more, the more we look.

For instance, there are many styles as to how anyone will sign their “John Hancock”.
(Psssst! Even email signatures can be revealing.)
We can sign our first and last name only. 
John Doe
Or our first initial and middle initial and last name. 
J.D. Doe
Or our first name, full middle name and last name
John David Doe
…… and the list goes on.
Jack J. Lew chooses to use his first name, middle initial and last name.

When looking at just the style alone and when one uses his first name, middle initial and last name, this says the writer will conform to what is expected and will conform to social norms and customs.

As you might suspect, each style reveals something different about the writer.  

Is it common for signatures to change?


It is an outer reflection of inner changes.

Our signature is our own personal logo to the world.

It is only the tip of the iceberg and one can never be analyzed by just the signature alone, however what does show up in a signature packs a punch!
Til next time, this is your “Write Coach” saying, you too, can learn how to read the writing on the wall.
Kathi McKnight
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