When I gave a workshop in Maui in 2012, I met a lot of wonderful new friends. Recently one of them, a journalist, contacted me to see if I would do an analysis of Joni Mitchell for a Benefit she was putting on – the entire theme was a tribute to Joni Mitchell.

I am including Gaia’s full  article below.

November 13, 2013

Kathi McKnight shares information about Joni Mitchell via Handwriting Analysis.

There is no doubt in my mind having attended Kathi’s workshop when she was last here on Maui, that what she knows and does is the best of both worlds. Combining the art of and the science of graphology,  and being the ultimate authority on that subject, we were able to understand more about Joni Mitchell through her signature.

Here are the results in Kathi McKnight’s own words.

Kathi McKnight shares information about Joni Mitchell via Handwriting Analysis

As you can see, the first name, Joni, is legible and easy to read.
She is willing to be seen for herself.
The last name Mitchell is not so easy to read. Even to the untrained eye, you can see that the name Mitchell has more complications in it than the name Joni.
This translates literally. It was probably easier for her to be just Joni, (the singer, the painter, the artist, the woman)…….but there were complicated feelings about what the name Mitchell represented for her.

The slant to her writing is straight up and down. It doesn’t slant to the right or to the left. This shows she is a true introvert. “I never wanted to be a star. I didn’t like entering a room with all eyes on me. I still don’t like the attention of a birthday party.”

The strong musical influence is seen in the way she combines printing and cursive writing all in one word, with many breaks along the baseline.
The “o” in Joni is just one of the things in her writing that reveals how private and even secretive she was about her personal life. Wild horses couldn’t drag it out of her. Joni has always been a very elusive and somewhat reclusive artist.” (Quote taken from http://www.thesignaturelibrary.com/products-details.php?product_id=1037)

The bold, stand-alone, printed “T” in Mitchell is crossed with heavy pressure, revealing determination.
It stands out -a classic textbook printed letter smack dab in the middle of a word is clearly a sign of a rebel. She was a child of the 60’s after all!
You can see the i in Joni, but you can’t see it in Mitchell.
However you can spot the i DOT in both names.
i dots, or tittles as they are called, which are placed consistently directly above the i stem, tell me this is a writer who isn’t fond of clutter, but more fascinatingly it reveals someone who is loyal to what they believe in.
There are loops in the letter “M” where there shouldn’t be loops, revealing that there she was allowing herself to be walked on.
“My husband was different. He had an education, a degree in literature. Chuck always said that you couldn’t write unless you read. He considered me an illiterate, and he didn’t give me a great deal of encouragement regarding my writing.”

And even being taken advantage of- which explains the tangled up writing towards the end of her last name. Most artists have had pain in their lives and it is often the fuel for great creativity.
Notice how the 2 “l’s” in Mitchell seem to circle round and round upon one another?
It shows there were complications, worry and yet a complete softness to her problem solving.
Even just from the signature alone, Joni’s writing shows she is pragmatic, practical, logical.
Trusting her head over her heart. The slant shows her to be a true introvert; able to enjoy her own company.
The writing shows she is cerebral, poised, objective and fair.
And because of that, she will always ………….”look at life from both sides now.”

Be sure to look at kathi’s web site. I have had a personal reading by her and it was well worth it. You can too~ get details at www.KathiMcKnight.com Enjoy…


Thanks Gaia.  Check out more of her articles at the Examiner.


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