On my facebook page, my facebook friends love it when they see the words…….QUIZ TIME!

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Here is the most recent quiz…….I will post the answer below, you don’t even have to wait!

Which handwriting trait reveals the writer who is spread too thin and has poor time management skills?  

A. Missing i dots 

B. Missing T crossings

C. Entangled writing

D. A very narrow right margin 

And the answer is……………..





Entangled writing means the writer literally entangles strokes, letters etc from one sentence into the one above and/or below it- throughout the writing sample. The writer is tangled up in their mind with too much coming and going, starting many new projects before finishing old ones; always on the go, some confusion going on inside the mind. This writer is wishing he could clone himself.  Will often avoid the real issue at hand because being busy feels more productive than taking a pause.

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