If you are female and watching this season’s show of “The Bachelor” you just might have a visceral reaction when you hear the new household name, “Juan Pablo”.

(Typically spoken in a breathy voice, while fluttering the eyelashes and fanning oneself under the chin pretending to be on the verge of fainting)

So who is this modern day Don Juan?  I mean really………?

Hmmm well  we know of his dreamy accent, his 6 packs, the adoring love he carries for his daughter Camilla, and how he can put his Don Juan/Juan Pablo spell over every female we’ve seen thus far on THE BACHELOR!

Being a handwriting analyst, I’m naturally always curious to see the handwritings of the bachelorettes on the show, especially when it gets down to the final last 2 or 3 or 4.  And I’m always curious about the handwriting of that season’s featured Bachelor or Bachelorette!

Handwriting reveals who the person REALLY is, deep down.  Keeping in mind we all have good and “ungood” in our handwriting everyone has strengths, vulnerabilities, flaws, genius that seeps through in their writing.

It takes more than chemistry to make a good relationship last.   And in the end, lasting true love is what we’re all seeking for.

I did a little digging and was pleased find a sample of Juan Pablo’s handwriting. You can see it here!


It’s a wee bit more limited sample for what I’d really love to see, but we can still tell quite a bit!

I was surprised to see that (based on this handwriting sample only)  this season’s Bachelor is actually a VERY head oriented guy.  He may be seducing and kissing the neck of the bachelorette’s and driving them to the point of distraction but he will be extremely logical in his final decisions!

He will trust his head over his heart when it comes to what matters most in his life and when it comes down to the final decision to whom he will become betrothed.     (Which we all know often shifts and changes after the show is over and people are not caught up in the moments on cruise ships, moon beams, steamy hot tubs and exotic locations)

He does not like drama, nope, not at all!  Underneath all that oozing Romeo energy is a genuinely practical, logical and cerebral guy.   I understand why he was painfully drawn to Sharleen Joyng (the 29 year old opera singer).  Millions of tv viewers observed her to be “in her head” quite a bit of the time, intellectualizing the process, except of course, when she admitted she couldn’t think straight.  In the end, she trusted her head over her uhhhh…….phermones.

Nevertheless, Juan Pablo is the type of person who also leans toward trusting his head over his heart so I think he recognized a kindred spirit.  And that warmed his heart toward her.

He tried extremely hard to conceal it but he was visibly choked up when she decided to leave the show.  Even through his teary eyes, he was logical (and kind) in what he had to say about her leaving.

Who will be his best match?  Well I could tell you more if I had the bachelorettes’ handwritings but he’ll have his biggest growth spurts with someone who is extremely emotional.  They will be opposites.  And the way to win any argument with Juan Pablo is appeal to his sense of fairness and logic.  Not to emotional hissy fits or crying jags.

He will find his best match with someone with real brains to match their bikini.

And his lady love will need to put in some time because while he may be able to tear down your defenses, he still has his, in tact.

When it comes to intimacy beyond the bedroom, it won’t necessarily be easy for Juan Pablo to take down his own barriers.  There is a pretty strong protective mental shell he has in place that has probably been there for a long time.  He likes to be in control.

In fairness, I think the men and women on the show do end up growing as they are put in vulnerable positions, be it with their heart or in a bikini squeezing through the unlighted caverns in cold waters in a dark cave or jumping off cliffs holding each other with only a bungee cord between them and death!

I’m hooked on the show like the rest of you, and look forward to seeing who Juan Pablo chooses in the end.

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