Chris Anderson, or The Birdman is in the news these days, but not for the usual reasons.


You won’t be surprised to see his autograph stands out as much as his physical appearance.  We need more handwriting to address the current crime he is being accused of.


But you can see from his signature that he plays and lives outside of the box!

His autograph reveals he is rebellious and showy and takes up a lot of room.  He is animated, needs a lot of attention. Also that he will try to mercilessly dominate and control those around him.


The height of this completely tattooed very talented very rebellious famous basketball player is 6’10”.


We were at the same event last year and he stood out above the crowd. I didn’t know who he was until a friend told me.  So naturally I had to introduce myself and get his autograph for my repertoire.  When I told William Shatner who I was and got his autograph he wanted to know what it said.   The Birdman was too into his girlfriend to care what his handwriting revealed.


So what do you think?  Would you like to give it a shot as to what his signature reveals about him?



Kathi McKnight is a master certified handwriting analyst.  Frequently seen on tv, you can watch her interview on the Dr. Oz show at