Would you be able to guess who this is if you didn’t know it? The little boy on the left is Leonardo DiCaprio. Who is the uber super star on the right??
And the answer is………….Johnny Depp!

“Captain Jack Sparrow is like a cross between Keith Richards and Pepe Le Pew.”
Johnny Depp

Depp’s latest movie, Dark Shadows is now playing in theaters. The movie is a spoof on an extremely popular daytime vampire soap opera,  Dark Shadows,  from many many years ago.

I’m not sure when my heart first went pitter-patter over this hot Pirate of the Caribbean, perhaps it was when I saw Benny and Joon.  Remember that movie?

Let’s take a closer peek into this wild looking autograph.

Keep in mind the basic principles when it comes to reading signatures: Is it legible or illegible?

When it is illegible the person behind the pen is keeping who he really is, unavailable for you to know. He plays it close to the cuff.

Most move stars have illegible autographs. I’d probably have an illegible autograph if I were a super celebrity too.

Who wants 25 million people being nosy and judging one’s personal life.

Although we do it anyway, its part of the package when you live the life of a celebrity.

When it is illegible like this I have to look at the overall form. Can you see the figure 8?  Revealing much personal dedication and devotion to something of deeply personal value.

The fact that it shows up in his signature means it carries 3 times the weight of importance.

There are retraced points and dagger like looking strokes along with a protective covering that almost takes an animal shape.

The various strokes combined reveal a very sharp wit (and tongue and, well, teeth if you take into consideration his new movie where he plays the infamous Vampire, named Barnabus)

The autograph reveals much personal devotion and dedication and unexpected behavior out of nowhere.

With all his sex appeal, it’s too bad the letters p aren’t more legible in the autograph. With a larger writing script, I could really sink my teeth into his hot little……..er handwriting. Then I’ll tell you about those p’s!

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Kathi McKnight is a master certified handwriting analyst. Visit her website to view her interview on the Dr. Oz Show as she tells Dr. Oz about what handwriting can reveal!  www.TheHandwritingExpert.com.  Special thanks to Autograph Magazine for Johnny Depp’s authenticated autographs.